January 23, 2009

Happy (Late) New Year!

How was yours? We spent ours at Thom's parent's house. We let Izacc stay up to watch the ball drop. We got to hang out with Uncle Richard all night and that was a lot of fun.

Here's what we did:

Dinner - pizza for Izacc and Mommy
Hot wings for Daddy and Richard
Snacks throughout the evening - Marshmallows, chips, and an éclair.

We went to Target and bought a couple games with Christmas money. We got Sorry and Attack Uno. The Sorry game went off without a hitch, you know, how hard is it to mess up a game of Sorry? Well, we then busted out the Uno. We were not familiar with the rules, so Thom read them while I set up the game. No exaggeration, 2 1/2 hours later, I looked at the box and it said "fast-paced family fun" Fast my butt! So I grabbed the rules from Thom and read them. For those of you who have ever played Attack Uno, this is going to sound RIDICULOUS! Thom had been having us push the button on the machine after EVERY play, when in reality you were only supposed to push it when you didn't have a card to play or when you were told to, you know, like a draw four or whatever. I had about 50 cards in my hand alone! So we finished out the game the correct way and had just enough time to get Izacc into the tub and watch the ball drop. And I was worried about what we were going to do all night! Oh well! Here's to 2009!


Lisa and Jacob said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas/New Years! I wish we were neighbors... all those goodies look soo good!!

Jess and Jer said...

Ha Ha, I have played that Attack Uno like once and it totally freaks me out! Looks like you had a fun Christmas and New Years.