January 23, 2009

2008 in Review, Alphabetically

2008 was awesome! I have been needing to do a recap of sorts and I saw this on another blog. It was a lot of fun going through all our pictures and memories from 2008, and I wanted to share, seeing as how I have only been blogging for about six months. So here we go...


is for Anniversary. Thom and I celebrated our fifth year being married in May and we spent the weekend in Pocatello...alone. Izacc stayed with my mom. It was so simple and a lot of fun.


is for beach. This past summer, we found a little beach about an hour away at Boysen Reservoir. We took Spencer and Nicole with us and had an awesome day.


is for cakes of the birthday variety. We love us some birthday cake and last year was full of 'em.


is for Denver. We took a little family vacation to Denver in June and went to the Zoo and the museum, and of course, a trip to Denver is not complete without good ol' Casa Bonita!


is for Easter Eggs, which we colored so magnificently.

is for fun fun fun. We had a lot of fun just doing nothing like going to the park and playing with our new ROCKBAND game!


is for Grampa Ralph, who passed away in March. We miss you so much, Grampa!


is for Heise Hot Springs where we spent the fourth of July. It was a warm day, which was nice and Izacc went down the big water slide with Mommy for the first time! We went into Idaho Falls and watched the fireworks and aside from the massive allergy attack I had, it was a great day.

is for Izacc, of course. This kid is fabulous.


is for jabbering. Izacc really started talking it up, after I took away his binky that is. He is constantly amazing me with the things he says. I think he's a pretty smart little boy.


is for kinfolk, meaning our family. We spent a lot of time with our families, which was fantastic. We love all you guys!


is for lizard who we found in my mom's backyard. We took him to the creek and set him free. He was pretty cute and Izacc wanted to keep him, but it was best to let him go...


is for musical. I was in the musical Beauty and the Beast at the college and it was a riot. I love being on that stage!

is for nephews, and we've got a couple of cuties. Monte, who turned one in September and Brennen, who was born in August.


is for off-roading. Izacc really loves him some four-wheelers...and cars...and trucks...well, basically anything he can steer.


is for pregnant. That's right, baby! It took us a year, but we finally got the job, uh, done. Oh, and if you haven't heard, it's another boy! We're excited.

is for quilts. I made two cute rag quilts, one for Izacc and one for Spencer and Nicole.

is for renovation. Our house is finally (almost) done. We were able to get the bathroom done and the spare room as well as the family room.


is for Super hero, namely Batman. Izacc was an amazing Batman for Halloween and he had a blast!


is for two, which is how old my baby Izacc turned this year, and for THIRTY which is my sweet hubby's age now, and heck, I guess it can be for twenty-eight as well, right?


is for Uncle Ben, who went on his mission to Mississippi in July. We miss him so much, but are so so proud of all the work he is doing.

is for Valentines Day cookies, of which I made far, far too many. We took them to our friends around town.


is for weddings, which I attended a plethora of, including Christine's, Stephanie's, Jessica's.


is for X-terra. Alas, with the ridiculous gas prices, we decided it would be best to part with our beloved X-terra. It was a sad day and I'm kinda missing it now that it's winter, and the fact that I don't know how to pack like an average American. But we did get a brand spankin' new Dodge Caliber, which I do love.


is for yard. We spent a lot of time and money this year putting in trees, bushes, flowers, and basically making our yard look a little better. Next year, hopefully, a fence.


is for Zoe, aww sweet little Zoe. She turned 3 in June and even though she has been mostly banished to the cold outside, we still love her!


Lisa and Jacob said...

cute! i didn't think of doing it alphabetically!

Betsy Sue said...

What an awesome post! Good Job Gert! Oh you forgot R is for RRRrrrooobbbeeeerrtttt! Sorry I had to....