January 26, 2009

Thank you Worland Wyoming

I have been pregnant before.

With Izacc, the craziest craving I ever got was for a Butterfinger...and it was in the middle of the day at work so it was as simple as going to the vending machine and viola!

I had yet to experience to unusual phenomenon of needing to have something so bad that I was willing to rip someone's face off to get it.


Let me give you some background here. December was a pretty crappy month health-wise. I was forbidden the partaking of soda period. Water, water,water was my drink, which hasn't been so bad. Not a HUGE soda drinker anymore, so not really a big deal.

Back to the other day. I was visiting Thom at work and a co-worker of his asked me if I could do make-up for someone who was shooting a spot that day. I had to go home and get my make-up, but it's not even 2 miles away, so I left Izacc with his Daddy while I went home.

On the quick drive, I suddenly wanted a Dr Pepper so so bad! It was weird, but I just passed it off and reminded myself that we (the baby and I) don't drink soda. I'm crazy, I know, but I kept driving. Got home, picked up my things and started back to the station.

Then, by no intention of my own, I discovered I HAD to have a Dr Pepper. Um NOW!! Simple enough, you would think, seeing as how all you have to do is stop by any convience store and pick one up. Here is where the story gets tricky.

I don't drink caffeine while pregnant. I have read too many scary statistics and had two, um, well let's just say unfortunate experiences while pregnant, so I just swear off the stuff.

I've been fine until now.

So I go to Safeway, thinking they have a large enough selection, surely they would carry the Caffeine Free DR. Pepper, right? Ha ha, ha ha...WRONG.

So, I calmly drive to Smith's and cruse right to their beverage section. I search and search for the unleaded stuff, but to no avail. I start getting sweaty and panicky. I go down the aisle once more very slowly and find a caffeine free diet coke...would that appease the beast?

Yeah no dice.

So I look like a crazy person at this point, walking up and down the aisle of the freaking grocery store, mumbling to myself. A nice gentleman offers his help. I take a deep breath and politely inquire about the magical beverage.

He smiles and says that there is just not the demand for such things in this area so that particular store chooses not to order it. I offered this fella, short of my firstborn son, basically anything to see what it would take to get some. Again, he gave me the supply/demand speech.

What happened next, I'm sure when I get to Heaven, I'll be in trouble for. In my mind I saw myself literally punching this guy in the face and all sorts of other naughty and vulgar obscenities pouring out of my mouth. Rather than cause a scene, however, I kept my cool and thanked him and RAN out of the store. Wish I was joking about that part...I ran.

I got to my car and had a small breakdown, a few tears and choice words, and decided to return to the station.

I am not like this. I have NEVER had such emotion and feeling over something as STUPID as a soda. I blame the hormones. At least, I hope it was the hormones...

I did the make-up, took my son home for a nap, and called my husband. I sent him to the last store in town that would have the smallest possibility of carrying the stuff and told him that I didn't care if it cost $20, I needed to case of it. I was waaaay past being satisfied with just a bottle.

I may or may not have told him not to bother coming back if he couldn't find any...my memory is not what it used to be.

So on behalf of my unborn son, I would like to take this opportunity to officially thank my local Wal-Mart for carrying this product.
As well as my local bottling plant in Worland, Wyoming for said product.

Also, I need to thank my poor, poor husband. Aw, Thom...

By the way, it was delicious.


CJ & JESS said...

HILLARIOUS! I can only imagine what its going to be like. I am glad you finally got it. ha ha ha... love ya! miss you! that is all. :)

Brooke said...

Thank you! I owe you one. A girl needs a good laugh after a long day - and you generously provided that. Really, that was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! Glad everyone's okay - even the man from Smith's.

Eileen said...

Okay from my seat way out of the arena, that is stinkin' funny. But from my heart I just love you and will forever be grateful also to your local Wal-Mart and Worland for helping out a sweet niece in dyer need. Your unborn son will thank you someday for being soooo strong and passing up the caffeine. Be sure you let him know what you went through to produce a healthy, happy baby boy.

Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

I am so glad that your husband found that Dr. Pepper (for both of your sakes)!

Tara Ann said...

While not pregnant... I can sooooooo relate... remind me and I'll tell you the story ;) I'm glad you found something to help your prediction... but it's Dr. Pepper... wouldn't prune juice have worked just as well? ;) How can you drink that stuff? Ugh!

Stu said...

I think for your family talent this year at the reunion, you need to re-act out this story and film it for comedic purposes! Ha ha. Just kidding. Now I want a Dr. Pepper. Dangit!

Jena said...

Too funny!!! You should have stopped by my house - all we have are caffeine free drinks! I'm surprised you didn't find it at Safeway, that's the only place I have been able to get it. WalMart only has the caffeine free pepsi in my experience ;-P Anyway, hope to see you soon - take care!

NICKI said...

Thank you for your post. I no longer feel like a person who acts crazy sometimes-or most of the time. When you really share your true feelings, others are blessed and can relate. So thank you for blessing me!