January 23, 2009

A Little Bit of Izacc

Hi everyone, this is Izacc. I had a lot of fun this past Christmas. I got to stay with Gramma and Grampa Izatt and Uncle Spencer and Aunt Nicole for two weeks before my mom and dad came to Star Valley. Gramma and Grampa did lots of fun stuff with me. They even took me to go see Santa.I was a little unsure about the real thing, so Grampa came and sat on his lap with me.
I told him I wanted big riosaurs (dinosaurs) and Wall*e.

How do you like my hat?
I have a little secret...

It's not really a hat. It's Grampa's stocking, but Mom kept calling it a sock, so...
...I decided to put it on like you would a normal sock. Guess what? I practically fit! It's a pretty big stocking.
Merry Christmas!

Daddy took me outside to play in the snow. It was awesome!
I wanted to play in it...
...and throw a snowball at Daddy...
...but when I tried, it didn't stick together. I threw it and it blew back in my face. I was done playing in the snow then.
Also, Uncle Chad took me for my first snowmobile ride. We went really fast and it made my eyes water! But it was so fun and I wanted to keep ridding all day!

Daddy and I got matching jammies on Christmas Eve with topper-toppers (helicopters) on them.

I left Santa a letter and some cookies and milk. I was very excited! I picked out the cookies myself and I told Mom what to write on the letter.
It said, "Dear Santa, Dude. I made you some cookies. Socks, my socking is hanging up. It's the one with a bear on it. Love Izacc. PS I love the movie, Rudolf."

On Christmas morning, the cookies and milk were gone! And Santa left a note that said he gave Rudolf a cookie too! When I saw what he left for me I was so excited I couldn't move! I got a whole bunch of dinosaurs and a new Wall*e sleeping bag!I was the best month ever! I had so much fun!

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