July 29, 2011

Friday Confessional: Eating My Words


Well it's Friday again and you know what that mean!
Time to air all that dirty laundry!
Let it all out!
Tell us what you really think!
Or don't...
...but you know you want to!
Anyway, let's go.

I confess...
  • I am up feeding the baby as I write this.
  • Normally I would be watching Netflix at this blessed time
  • But we are at my Gramma's house and, well, my husband couldn't find the remote to switch the VCR to TV so he could set up his Netflix compatible device in the bedroom.
  • So I turned on my laptop and use it for light instead.
  • Heaven forbid I turn on a lamp or something!!
  • Meh, lamps are too bright,  I prefer the warming glow of a TV or computer screen.
  • Also with nothing to focus on, I tend to get a serious case of narcolepsy.
  • You know what I mean, right?
  • The whole I can't keep my eyes open for one more second and then suddenly you catch your head as it falls forward and jerk it back up right at the last second?!
  • You see it happen all the time at church.
  • I like to call it the "high councel bob"
  • Anyway why are we at my Gramma's house you ask?
  • Well, my friends, the time has officially come.
  • Thor sold his truck this week and we are not the type of family to survive on one car.
  • SO it's mini cruzer time for us!
  • Please promise me you'll still be my friends, even though I drive a mini van.
  • Aw jeesh,
  • But we decided to come to Utah because, let's be honest, it's basically used mini van capitol of the world.
  • Not to offend, but seriously. Look around.
  • It'a a mini van-palooza down here!
  • Which can work in our favor.
  • We basically have quite a few to choose from that fall well within our price range.
  • So I'll keep you posted on the details of our find as soon as I know.
  • There are a couple really nice ones we've found...
  • Nice as far as mini cruzers are concerned...
  • I still have a bad attitude about it.
  • But in all honesty, they are a good solution for us right now.
  • And, how did my brother put it?
  • Oh yeah.  Practical.
  • I sorta hate being old enough to have to be practical.
  • Ah well.
  • It will only be for a little while, a few years maybe.
  • We are not the type of family to survive with two car payments.
  • So we're being smart and PRACTICAL and all the adult bull crap.
  • Man I hate being a grown up sometimes.
  • I wanna be that young punk who stays up really late
  • And drives a fun car
  • And eats whatever the crap I wanna without worrying about the consequences.
  • And can shop for clothes and sunglasses and cds whenever
  • And has no bills or major financial worries.
  • Yeah, good times.
  • Naw, actually, I'm pretty cool with where I'm at right now.
  • Mostly.
  • You know, it really is beautiful this time of morning.
  • Right before the sun comes up.
  • I always think that I should really get up earlier so I can enjoy this time of day.
  • So peaceful and serene and beautiful.
  • And then my narcolepsy sets in and I wake up 3 hours later slumped over, drooling on my baby's head.
  • Ah yes, I do love my sleep.
  • Early mornings are for chumps!
  • And so are mini vans!
  • Both of which, I'm finding out, are apparently inevitable in my life right now.
  • So I'd better suck it up.
  • Or be in denial.
  • Either way, it appears I'm up at  6 am and we'll be caravaning home tonight.
  • Man oh man.
  • Actually, my baby is sleeping again.
  • So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go stick it to early mornings
  • And take a little nap.
  • Ha ha!  Take THAT getting up early!
  • Who's the chump now!!?!
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Stephy said...

You actually get to experience the real meaning of "caravaning"! Haha =)

Being practical sucks. Let's be honest. At least you have 3 beautiful babies to go along with being practical & grown up. That's pretty awesome.

Good luck finding the right one today!

VandyJ said...

There are times when I look back at the carefree days and miss them in a that was fun kind of way, but really, I don't think I'd want to go back.
Being an adult stinks, but being a mom is wonderful.

Sarita said...

Make sure you choose a van with tons of leg room! We got an older Nissan Quest that was sportier and it is not roomy enough but we are stuck with it and it is paid off! Congrats on Amelia!

Melanie said...

I think you should keep calling it a minicruzer instead of minivan. Minicruzer sounds cool.

Hope you find something fabulous!

mrs. peterson said...

good luck van hunting! if you get an old vw then you can call it the "hipp-van". maybe add some shag carpet and youll be super hipp(y). haha no really GOOD LUCK!

Conni said...

early mornings are way over rated!!

Minivans...not so bad, they are great with the kids, that I do have to say, but having said that I cannot wait the last 2 years before we see the last of the minivans in our lives, lol

Myya said...

mini vans aren't so bad, I have a Suburban & let me tell you some days I'd give my right arm to have the doors that open automatically like a fancy mini can do.

Ahhh feeding babies in the middle of the night, MAN my uterus is achin... Ohhh how I wish I could convince my hubs to have another RIGHT NOW! LOL

Date Girl said...

aww, that sounds kind of peaceful actually. I do the "council bob" a lot. I just did that last night on the couch watching movies on my laptop while my hubby played video games.

Aww the mini van dilemma. I definitely don't want one, but I know someday soon when we have a baby we'll need a practical car. I'm hoping for an SUV but I can see the practicality of a van. Lots of room! Good luck with your search.