July 15, 2011

Friday Confessional


Friday again!
This one came super quick, dang it!
But yeah,I have some serious confessin' to do, so I'm glad it's here!

I confess...
  • I am in love with my baby.
  • It's true, she's basically the best there is.
  • She's cute and small and has the makings of a super mullet.
  • I can't wait for that!
  • She's been having a rough day today though.
  • Not sure what exactly is going on for sure.
  • We've been battling thrush for a week.
  • And by we, of course I mean WE.
  • Oh the burning and itching and all around pain.
  • I can only imagine what it must be like to have it in her mouth
  • Because if it's anything like what I had going on, oh, poor sweet baby.
  • So today all she's wanted to do is eat.
  • Well, eat and poop.
  • And eat.
  • And poop.
  • Seriously 12 diapers today.
  • That can't be normal, right?!
  • And she wouldn't sleep unless I was holding her.
  • And she's wake up and want to eat when I put her down.
  • And then fall asleep and then poop.
  • And then wake up when I changed her.
  • It was a vicious cycle that went on all the live long day.
  • AND I had a headache all day 
  • And thought that maybe I could sleep it off.
  • But every time she fell asleep and I laid her down
  • Well, you get the drift, right?!
  • Well, before bed, she had pooped, again, so I laid her down to change her.
  • And I opened up that diaper and it was, uh, green.
  • Like way WAY green.
  • Sorry for the TMI, but I am nowhere NEAR done...
  • When I went to wipe her off, well, 
  • It was like a water hose.
  • Or a cannon.
  • A poop cannon.
  • All over my arm and my bed and the floor.
  • And the best part was my mom and Izacc and Ian were all present for the blessed event.
  • And Izacc can't stop laughing about how the baby pooped all over mommy's arm.
  • I tell you all, try not to be jealous of the glamorous life I lead.
  • Am I the only one who needs to thank Fergie for teaching me how to spell glamorous?
  • Because I seriously sing it to myself every time I write that darn word.
  • I know.
  • I'm pretty much as awesome as they come.
  • I have also a small addiction to vanilla shakes these days.
  • Vanilla shakes, vanilla ice cream, and oatmeal cream pies.
  • Seriously I'm gonna gain all that baby weight back in no time.
  • Hey!  I am nursing!  I can eat like that right?  
  • RIGHT?!
  • 500 extra calories a day they tell me is what I need.
  • A vanilla shake and an oatmeal cream pie should cover that easy!
  • Oh man.
  • I have been at my Mom's house for a week.
  • They've only got one bathroom.
  • One toilet.
  • One shower.
  • This needs to be remedied soon.
  • Or maybe I should be the one wearing diapers.
  • Either way, I've become well versed in the art of speed showering and flash peeing.
  • Or should it be flash showering.
  • That kinda sounds naughty...
  • And right on cue, my sweet little angel sufficiently filled her drawers for me.
  • Again.
  • Is it wrong to be terrified to open a diaper
  • Because I am.
  • Pray for me...


Date Girl said...

Ack! I'm terrified of all of these crazy poop stories you Mamas are always telling. All I can say is it's a good thing God made em so cute eh?

Kat said...

Ah the hilarious poop stories of when babies are newborns. The Hubs and I still start busting up laughing when we think back on some of our two kiddo's in the beginning days.

Have a great weekend!

VandyJ said...

I remember the days of rocket poops. It's amazing the power those little bodies put behind those poops.
Hope things with the thrush clear up soon.

Mamarazzi said...

oh the poop stories, hilarious. better you than me..lol

thanks so much for linking up, i always love your confessions!!

Melanie said...

A vanilla shake sounds amazing right now.