July 22, 2011

Friday Confessional: I'm Gettin' On The Bus!


Friday again! Yay!
It' time to get this party started I suppose! 
Here we go.

I confess...
  • I am really glad it's Friday.
  • It's been a really loong week.
  • Izacc stared his Kindergarten Transition
  • Which is him going to his new school for 4 weeks
  • And learning how to ride the bus
  • And eat in the cafeteria
  • And sit still and listen in class.
  • Basically teaching him how to go to school.
  • It's been a rough week around here.
  • Lil miss likes to eat all night
  • And school starts at 8:30 am.
  • It's cramping my style I tell ya.
  • Mommy is sleepy!!
  • And my 4 year old is out in the big wide world all by himself
  • Eating in a cafeteria
  • Going to recess.
  • Riding the bus
  • I'm not sure how he's old enough to even be going to school.
  • Two days ago I went to pick him up and he wasn't there.
  • I panicked.
  • And ran over to where the buses were getting ready to leave.
  • He was on one of the buses.
  • Not sure where they were going to send him
  • I had not signed off on a bus ride.
  • He cried when I took him off the bus.
  • He really wanted to ride it.
  • So the next day, I went to office, picked a stop and signed him up to ride it home.
  • And I walked over to the bus stop.
  • And the bus came...and left...
  • And Izacc didn't get off the bus.
  • He wasn't even on the bus.
  • I panicked.
  • And may have said a choice word.
  • And then prayed.
  • I didn't know what to do!
  • I a 15 minute walk away from my car.
  • And my husband didn't have his phone with him.
  • And I didn't have the number to the school in my phone.
  • I know, mother of the year strikes again.
  • So I started running back to my house.   
  • And saw the bus turning around.
  • So I turned around and ran back to meet it.
  • If anyone was watching me out of their window I'm sure it was quite a show.
  • Crazy lady with a double stroller and a baby in a sling running back and forth down the street.
  • I'm basically awesome.
  • The bus driver asked who I was waiting for.
  • I told her.
  • She said he'd never ridden the bus before so they kept him.
  • I told her it was supposed to be his first day.
  • She went back to get him.
  • I was shaking.
  • My little baby out there
  • All the scenarios running through my mind...
  • Why is it in a moment of mini crisis, all I can think about is the worst possible scenario?!
  • Like him getting on the wrong bus and ending up somewhere out on the Reservation?!
  • Or, gosh, it's ridiculous to think about now.
  • But he made it and the bus driver was very apologetic.
  • And I was very apologetic.
  • And we've hopefully got it worked out.
  • I pick him up here pretty soon...we'll see how it goes.
  • Ah stress.
  • Can't wait for tomorrow
  • No buses, no school, no panicking mama.
  • Whew hooray for the weekend.

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VandyJ said...

All that school stuff can be so confusing. I hope it all gets worked out and things go smoothly. It will make the school year easier to get this all worked out before the bigger kids are thrown into the mix.