July 20, 2011

Prepare To Be Amazed

Yo.  How's it goin?  Me?  I'm good, good.  A little tired, you know, on account of this little miss who feels the need to eat at all hours of the night.  But you know, what else is new?

I actually just wanted to post a little bit as to what's been going on in the life of Camie Rae as of late.  It's been awhile since I posted anything other than cute pictures of my cute kids and just felt the need to get some things off my (ever expanding) chest.

  1. Thom and I had a fight about a CSI episode the other night.  A huge fight.  Probably one of the most ridiculous fights we've ever had.  And it wasn't about a CSI episode per say. it was more because of a CSI episode.  In all fairness to CSI, it easily could have been any other show...maybe...anyway it was not awesome. And though our fights can get pretty epic, add some sleep deprivation and hormones into the mix and see what comes out.  WEEEEEE! good times.
  2. I am so head over heels in love with Amelia it's insane.  INSANE I TELL YOU!  She is amazing and we're all madly in love with her.  At least I think we are...it's hard to tell what Ian is saying most of the time, but I think he pokes her in the eye out of nothing but love.  Izacc has taken to getting her out of her car seat and carrying her across the room while I was in the bathroom unbeknownst to me, which terrifies be to no end.  I love having a girl and dressing her up and styling her mullet and loving on her and opening her diaper and not seeing peen staring back at me waiting to spray me with that first brisk waft of air.  She's awesome.
  3. It's been three days since my last vanilla shake.  My name is Camie and I have a problem.
  4. I am ALMOST back into my regular pants.  I wore a pair today in fact.  Let's hear it for having girls, apparently, because I had to take drastic measures to get back into my pants after having the boys...ha ha back into my pants...that's what she said.  But seriously, yay for that.
  5. Did you know it's possible and OK to make friends you've never met in person?  For example, I have met a lot of fun, hilarious people through blogging and Facebook and we've never ever met in real life, but I would totally consider them my friends.  It's interesting. I wanna have a big bloggy party and meet all these people because there are a few that I'm positive would be the most awesome people to hang out with.
  6. My appetite is out of control these days.  I blame Amelia and her aforementioned need to eat ALL THE TIME.  On a related note, I am catching up on a lot of Netflix viewing at 2, 4, and 6 am.
  7. I go to the Dr tomorrow.  It's almost been 6 weeks. My husband couldn't be happier.  
  8. I just spent two evenings cleaning the boy's room.  I kinda wanna purge about half their toys and forbid anyone from buying them gifts that aren't clothing or books until they're teenagers,when they won't want toys anymore.  That could work, right?!  Seriously, everything is organized just the way I want it, why can't they just leave it that way?!  
  9. I have a hate/hate relationship with doing the laundry, but not so much when it's all pink.
  10. I have a lot of blogging to catch up on.  Mostly over on the old craft blog *ahem* as in a baby shower I threw and all the crafty goodness that went into it.  I am so behind that the babies who's momma's I threw it for just turned one...yeah I sorta suck at blogging.  BUT I do want to do it if that counts as anything.  
  11. Izacc has been going to Kindergarten transition at his new school.  He will be going to Kindergarten in 6 weeks.  His birthday is on the first day of school.  How in the world did this happen?!?!  Wasn't I JUST changing his diapers?!  
  12. I miss Dawson's Creek.  There I said it.  Don't judge.
  13. It has been so hot in this house.  SO HOT.  No kidding, the other day I had 4 fans going, 3 ceiling fans going, the window air conditioning unit going and it was STILL 80 degrees in the house.  My legs were sweating, is that normal?!  Also I don't wear clothes after 6 pm.  It's bulletproof underwear and nursing bra time around here, we can't be bothered by sweaty clothes!!  Sorry for the less than attractive mental image, but it's true.  Deal with it.  
  14. You know at the end of The Wedding Planner when Mossimo says, "She loves you, Steve."?  That part cracks me up every.time.  Just the way he says it...and the fact that his name is Steve...what?!  Have I not told you that joke?!  Okay, well we'll save it for another day, just know that was the joke that made me famous.  
  15. I think we're going to bless Amelia over Labor Day weekend.  ATTENTION FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!  We're going to bless Amelia over Labor Day weekend.  I think it will work out nicely, we'll have a birthday party for Izacc on Saturday and bless her on Sunday.  Consider yourselves invited!  So me a favor and let me know if you're coming so we'll know how many tacos to make.
  16. I really want to put some crazy highlights in my hair.  Blondes and reds and razored edges.  If only I could take off my head and do my own hair.
  17. I love Steph.   I don't know what I'd do without her in my life.
  18. My Ipod died about 3 months ago and so Thom let me use his...and it hates my computer.  So every time I plug it in, my library gets damaged or some crap and it won't put all my songs on the Ipod.  BOO!  I am severely disgruntled about this since I can't afford to get a new one until, well, EVER...dumb hospital bills...
  19. I had a super cute amazing photographer at the house today to take some pictures of Amelia.  Me thinks they are going to be SUPER cute!  I can't wait to see them!!  She was so patient and funny and kind and Amelia even peed all over her and her things and she was just AWESOME.  I can't wait!!
  20. I am super inappropriate and immature.  Sorry about that.
Ahhh I feel so much better.  Thanks for listening...or reading, as it were...if you made it all the way through I'll make you some cookies...or magic brownies for you, Barf!  Just know there will be a test before receiving said cookies...
Well, Justin Timberlake is on Conan tonight.  Gotta go.



Stephy said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are hilarious. I love you this ------ much! [x1,000].

I must hear the Steve joke =)

Also, I will take my brownies at your soonest convenience! Hehe, jk.

Love your face off!!!

Melissa said...

Stop! Stop being so funny, I command you! Bran.overload.too.many.funny.things.to.comment.on. I also miss Dawson's creek, that first moment of a young firstborn carrying your newborn (by the head) can take years off your life, hooray for porn star boobs, hooray for your hubby getting some action, and hooray for the beautiful, adorable, and already incredibly talented Amelia. What a cute family you have. I wish we were neighbors so we could be bffs.

B said...

Bahahaha!!!! You're the best. I love this. I have to tell you that Matt and I's biggest, most ridiculous fight was over postage. There's a little more to it, but we both agree that it was STUUUUpid.

There are a few things you need to explain to naive little me over a shake and some A/C.... like why it's easier to fit back into pants after having a girl? And other pregnancy mysteries.

Love you Camie!!!!

The Izatts said...

"She touched my pepe Steve!" Is that the one? because every time someone says steve (which by the way is my cousins name) spencer says it, and it gets awkward lol! P.s I hate you for fitting back in your normal clothes, and I want my cookies NOW! thank you.