June 10, 2011

Friday Confessional


It's Friday again!  And you know what that means?
Not a whole lot since I don't really have a job to go to...
Or classes...
Or places to go tonight...
Yeah, Fridays just don't hold the same meaning anymore.
BUT it DOES mean it's time to do some confessin'
And it's about time I get back on the wagon.
So here we go.

I confess...
  • It's June 10th.
  • JUNE 10th ya'll!
  • That is six days away from my due date.
  • I'm getting kinda antsy here.
  • I mean it took FOREVER to get to this point.
  • But now that it's so close,the days are dragging by.
  • Seriously draggggggggging.
  • People keep telling me it could be any day now.
  • As if that's supposed to make me feel better.
  • But if this kid is related to me, 
  • (Which she pretty much has to be, right?!) 
  • She'll be running a little late.
  • I know I run late sometimes.
  • Not really late...
  • But being early to most things is not one of my strong points.
  • I know it, my friends know it, we all know it.
  • Dang.
  • I am ready though.
  • I have dinners in the freezer.
  • I have a mostly completed nursery.
  • My house is clean.
  • Well, except for the bathroom because let's be honest.
  • I suck at that room.
  • My bag is packed.
  • My Izacc asks me every day when she'll be here.
  • I mean, I could catch up on my blogging...
  • But we all know how awesome I am at that!
  • Ha I've got posts in the works from Valentine's Day...
  • Last year...
  • Yeah I know.
  • I never promised to be a good blogger.
  • But you knew what I was when you picked me up!
  • Anyway, the lame news is that if she takes her sweet time getting here, my mom may miss out on precious baby time.
  • She starts a new job on the 20th.
  • I know, good timing right?
  • She usually does the whole "Mom" thing
  • and stays with us for a week,
  • which I have to admit, I really love all the help.
  • But the timing of it all really sucks.
  • I'm not gonna lie here.
  • Also the hubby is taking a bunch of time off work
  • Which is amazing.
  • But his other job isn't as, uh, liberal?
  • Meaning he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid.
  • I know, crazy right?!
  • And we could totally use the cash.
  • And he's asking me what her should tell them, when he can work, etc.
  • So aside from the fact that I can't make any plans and it's driving me crazy, 
  • I'm trying to make plans to keep myself from going crazy.
  • It's a really good thing I've got amazing friends who can keep me company.
  • Otherwise, seriously people, it would be out of control over here.
  • I know, it's a hard life.
  • Also I fed the kids Banana Snack Cake for breakfast.
  • It's super yummy.
  • Recipe to follow I swear!
  • And it's got bananas in it, so it's totally nutritious.
  • Whatever, I don't even care at this point.
  • Speaking of not caring, if you come to visit, let me know beforehand.
  • Clothing has become optional at the Coles' residence.
  • It's hot, I'm huge, and Ian LOVES running around in a diaper.
  • We're not nudists,
  • But chilling in the ol' underwear is becoming pretty freaking sweet.
  • Oh man I can't wait for this baby to get here!!
  • And for everyone's sanity, I hope she comes soon.
  • Although, I make no promises on how clothed we'll be after she gets here.
  • Just sayin...


The Petersons said...

So, if it so happens that Belly comes once Momma Izatt starts her new job I'd be happy to fill in. I know I could never step into her shoes, but I am here to help you. I could even move in & stay on the couch for a week if you'd like!

VandyJ said...

I have a T-shirt for Bruiser that says I'd Rather Be Naked and it is so true. The kid would spend all his time sans clothes if he could. Go with what makes you comfortable--I know not so easy right now.