June 25, 2011

Two Weeks, Baby! TWO WEEKS!

 Oh come on!  You remember on Friends?!  When Monica and Chandler are four weeks away from getting married and she says "Four weeks, baby!  FOUR WEEKS!"?  Remember?!  That's fine, I know I'm old.  But the moral of the story here is that my sweet little Amelia is two weeks old today!!  Two weeks!!

How freaking hilarious are these pictures?!  She is cracking me up with all the faces she makes!
Also, she is not a fan of all the paparazzi
aka her Daddy.

Important to note.
Me two weeks ago:
Me today
Oh man oh man!  Check out the rack on that one, am I right?!

I know, I know.  I'm obscene.
If my mom were here she'd probably hit me or something. 

But can I just say how awesome it is to go from this...
...to this...

Yes, it is so SO much better to have her on the outside.
So much better.

 She was so not in the mood for my picture taking shenanigans today
 But not to worry.  She will learn to love them.
 Or she will eat my face off.  Either way, I SO look forward to her being a teenager!
 Oh how I love her!


Stephy said...

Those pictures are so awesome!
You're so skinny! I should know this, but I haven't seen you in a WEEK!!!
I love that Amelia is not digging the photo op. She's gonna have to get used to it!!!
Love you girls!

Fawsons said...

She is so cute! and You look amazing! I love the before and after pictures.