June 8, 2011

The Little Room That Could

Once upon a time there was a little teeny tiny room in a small house out in the country.

Teeny tiny and pretty ugly.  It needed some love in a bad way.
So the nice Mommy decided that it would be the perfect little room for her then one year old baby boy.
So she searched and searched online until she found the perfect theme.
And she painted and painted and painted and painted.

She painted the trim white and the bottom of the walls brown.  She painted the top of the walls blue and the ceiling a bright new shade of white.
She decided the blue was too boring so she painted stripes along the blue as well.
And she added a cute monkey trim around the middle. 
And it was looking like a room fit for a little boy. 

She built shelves and a new closet and it was full of little boy clothes.

She added new heat vents and curtains.

She hung up pictures of little monkeys and even some vinyl on the wall that said: 

Yes indeed, it was the perfect room for a little monkey.

Time went by and another little baby got to use this room.
And he loved it as much as the first one.

Soon enough, however, the nice Mommy found out they were adding another baby to the family.
And to her surprise and delight, it was going to be a girl baby.
Everyone knows that blue is a fine color, but baby girls need sissy la la pinks and fluffy curtains, right?
So the nice Mommy thought and thought and decided that since there was yellow in the trim that was already there, she could totally work with that.
Plus she really liked the trim and would hate to get rid of it.
And also, she was trying to be as cheap as she possibly could.

So she found this nursery set and thought it would be perfect.

I mean, look at the monkeys!  And the yellow and blue!
But also all that PINK!!

It was decided and the nice Mommy went to work, again, painting.
Although being 8 months pregnant, she recruited the help of her hubby and one of her best friends.
And it started looking like a little girl's room!

And then the nice Mommy added some new curtains. 

And some tie backs.  And decided they were too plain looking and that simply would not do.  So she glued some ribbon and flowers on them.

Ahh, that was much better.

She then also decided that the room could use a little bit of a polished/finished look, so she made her hubby go buy some teeny tiny molding to put along the top. 

She also hung some pictures on the wall.  There are obviously way more walls to cover, but she figured that those could come a little later. 

And thanks to her amazing friends and family, she had a pretty girly wardrobe and a HUGE supply of diapers. 

There was also a Winnie the Pooh clock that hung in the room when it was blue, but the nice Mommy decided that it needed some updating.  So she took it apart and made a new one.

She received a bow holder and some bows and flowers from here aunt and sister-in-law.  And look how awesome it looked in that room!! 

So this once teeny tiny ugly little room was transformed and transformed and made into a room fit for a little princess.  

Hopefully this little princess will make her arrival soon.


The Petersons said...

That does sound like one Nice Mommy! The room looks great. I love it!

Jena said...

What a darling room! Can't wait to see pics of that new little darling! BTW, I LOVE that flower holder - I've been trying to figure out a way to store our growing flower garden, I am SO making one of those! TFS!

Jena said...

Oh, and I miss you, too!!!

Brooke said...

Yay!! Soooo cute. Good work, lady! You're amazing. I miss you and I want to rub your tummy :o) I can't wait to see that little lady. . . again. Love yas!