June 24, 2011

Friday Confessional: Mini Mimi


Friday Friday Friday!
Let's get to the confessin' shall we?

I confess...
  • I got dressed twice this week.
  • I know, I know.
  • I'm basically a party animal.
  • I've been taking it super easy.
  • I've been napping and watching tv and seriously slacking.
  • And it's all been made possible by my super fantastic husband.
  • He has really stepped it up this week,
  • Not to make it sound like he never does anything,
  • But this week he has been amazing.
  • He has been forcing me to sleep when Miss Amelia is snoozing,
  • He's been cooking dinner and making lunches,
  • He's been doing all the dishes and laundry,
  • He takes care of the boys in the morning so I can sleep in.
  • This morning I woke up and he had taken all the garbages out, cleaned the living room, kitchen and was mopping the kitchen floor.
  • Seriously how did I get so lucky?!
  • He's been so great, I am nervous for when he has to go back to work!
  • I've been spoiled rotten!
  • We'll make it I'm sure.
  • I have a crap load of thank you's to write.
  • I am blessed and I don't think I can say that enough.
  • The boys and I got to play out in the backyard a couple days this week.
  • We've got a sweet little slip 'n slide and this big beach ball sprinkler thingy and a little pool.
  • I love sitting out there with my feet in the pool and my baby under her canopy
  • And the boys splashing in the water.
  • It's been heavenly.
  • Yeah, they are sitting in lawn chairs IN the pool with buckets on their heads...what of it?!
  • I love summer and am so SO glad it's finally here!
  • I hope it stays for a good long while.
  • My little Mimi figured out that it's cool to be awake and not screaming last night.
  • Up until now, she's still been in that eat sleep mode and if she's not doing either of those shes a screaming little monkey.
  • But last night she was full and awake and looking around and being all cute.

  • Do you see what I mean?!

  • Yeah, she's still in the early newborn small eyes stage.

  • And I love love love it.

    • No seriously, look how cute and funny she is!!
    • I love babies!
    • And this one is an angel.
    • And I love her.
    • And sorry I keep gushing about her.
    • But man oh man she's cool!
    • And I'm a gonna enjoy every second.
    • Time seems to fly with babies for some reason.
    • If I find a way to slow it down, I'll for sure let you know.
    • Until then, I'm gonna stay put in my baby cocoon until I have no choice anymore.
    • Gosh, how'd I get so lucky?!

    1 comment:

    Stephy said...

    Oh I love this! And I'm jealous of your life - in a good, healthy way, I promise.

    I want to come over & put my feet in the water! Purdy please =)