August 23, 2010

Mommy! There’s Something Wrong With My Fruit Punch!

IZ is very, very independent.  So much so that we have, on numerous occasions, found him munching on a brick of cheese or a hamburger bun or snacks that we didn’t get for him.  He basically has figured out all the locks and doors in the kitchen and helps himself to whatever whenever he feels he needs it.  Yeah.

So his latest accomplishment has been making his own “fruit punch” 

DSC_6381The concentration is all wrong, for you see, he only puts about 8 oz of water with one of these, which are meant for 16.9 oz water bottles.  Tart, yes, but hey, they’re sugar free and if he likes it, well, what can I say.

Today he came into the room and asked me if I could help his fruit punch.  “It’s not right” 

I stroll out into the kitchen to find this





Yup, you got it.  Two packet of Kool-Aid in 6 oz of water and no sugar.

I asked him why he mixed those two flavors because orange and grape?!  BARF!

He said that he wanted to make black.

Black Kool-Aid.  Made by IZ.

I love my life.

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tiburon said...

That makes my butt cheeks clench just thinking about it.