August 8, 2010

House of Horrors

I need help.

Well, my house needs help.

Due to recent comings and goings, my poor, sweet little home has been neglected.

And I can't seem to get a leg up on it.

I've been trying for a week and I feel like I'm going backwards.

Between my kids, my church calling, and my transcription work, one (or all) seem to always take priority.
And my living room remains a pig sty.

My mom suggested I read The Flylady, and The Sidetracked Sisters.
I just feel like if I had the time to read, I wouldn't be in this mess.


And I'm not talking perfectly spotless, spend-all-my-time-cleaning-and-no-fun-for-my-children-ever-ever-ever kind of life. Boo.
You and I both know thats just not me!

But I would like to NOT be embarrassed when someone shows up unannounced and be able to invite them in instead of having a conversation out on the doorstep.

And don't even get me started.

Because, yeah, ideally fair is fair and everyone needs to pitch in and do their share.
Ahhhh, yeahhhhhhhh...


Dear hubby is seriously never here.
Well, I mean he sleeps here and showers here.
But his time is so very precious
I would rather spend it out making memories with our family
than standing over him with a list of duties and commands.

So I ask you, dear friends, how do YOU get it all done?
Do you have a system?
Do you do certain assigned things every day?
And while we're on the subject, what about those spring cleaning-type chores?
Are there things you do every month? 3 months? 6 months?
How do you keep you life together and in balance?
Anybody got it figured out?
Because aside from sprouting a few extra arms and freezing time, I got nothin.

Seriously, where the heck is Mary Poppins when you need her?!?
She'd help me get the job done in no time!

PS: If you want to make yourself feel better about your situation, Google "messy house images"

Erm, yeah I'm alright.


Robin said...

I wish I could help you out with some great advise, but honestly, I've been telling myself for years that if I would just get organized and make a plan. . . well, let's just say it's still an unfulfilled goal.

Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

Most of the time I am a lazy bum, but sometimes I do this program

It's kind of cool cause they have a calendar to print out each month with something to do every day and some monthly deep cleaning thing too.

shirley said...

The house will be lovely and clean- far too clean and tidy- when your children are grown. They will seriously never remember what the condition of your house is. I speak from experience. What my offspring remembers is the times I made playdough, cooked with them, went to the park with them, fixed their boo boo's, kissed, hugged, traveled, made them things they wanted, spent my time with them. I have asked them many many times, "Do you remember how clean the house was?" The answer is always the same."What?" Anyone who comes to your home and finds it spotless when you have two boys under three will know for a fact that you have two little "pretend" children or you are very, very, close to a mental and physical breakdown.
As a forty something mom of four- keep the house clean enough to avoid vermin or serious illness. Wash enough clothing to stave off nakedness, cook enough to eat, kiss your kids, play with them, spend time with your hubby enjoying one another. Homes that are clean while raising children are created by two means only.
One, sufficient funding to pay for a full time live in housekeeper- or a mom who is cruising for a mental, physical and emotional breakdown very, very soon.
You are doing it right Cami- I am proud of you- and I give you much praise for being DAMN GOOD at your job. Love, Shirley