August 13, 2010

Friday Confessional: Bored or Something LIke It

Hello! Thought you got rid of me, didn't you! Well it's not that easy! Ha ha!
No really, I have been playing MAD catch up this week.
And I am ALMOST up to speed...
So here's to Friday.

  • It is perfectly silent in my house right now.
  • Except for the fan and a faint lullaby playing in the distance.
  • For a second there I thought I'd gone deaf
  • or had a stroke,
  • But no, nap times coincided today and I am a little uneasy
  • not sure what to do with myself.
  • I kind of just want to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet
  • but I still have a list of things to do
  • doesn't everybody though?
  • I've pretty much come to the conclusion that there will always be crap on my to do list.
  • always.
  • And I think that is lame.
  • So I'm going to start adding stuff to my list
  • you know, just to shake things up.
  • Things like walking by windows naked, just to see if anyone notices.
  • trying new hairstyles that involve a lot of braiding.
  • Seeing just how far behind my head I can get my foot.
  • Dancing like a monkey just to see if I've still got it.
  • Glitter toes, of course.
  • And how about reorganizing my pictures and music on my computer into folders, sub folders, alphabetized and labeled with different colors and titles.
  • Okay, maybe that's a little much.
  • Gotta find that fine line between shaking things up and complete and utter waste of time.
  • For you see, it is truly a fine line.
  • But just FYI,
  • no one noticed
  • I hate my hair, the length, the color, and braiding is stupid
  • pretty stinkin far
  • and yeah I've still got it.
  • FYI
Go play or read or sleep, I don't care!
Have a great weekend, everybody!