April 9, 2010

Friday Confessional from Utah

Oh my. I am a tad tarty to the party, but it is still technically Friday, right?

  • I am currently in Utah.
  • I will be here all week folks.
  • Tip your waitresses.
  • I always wanted to say that.
  • But really, I'll be here all week.
  • My hubster is jetting of to Las Vegas on Sunday.
  • Boo.
  • He gets to go have fun in the big city,
  • Get wined and dined by all the big-wig tv-types,
  • play around sans kids,
  • sleep in a hotel,
  • for a whole stinkin week!
  • Boo.
  • I am actually jealous.
  • I wanna go too!
  • Well, I wanna go on a week long vacation sans kids
  • okay maybe just a week long vacation out of the snow
  • did it snow at your house this week?
  • Boo.
  • I hate stoopid April snow.
  • Makes me grumpy.
  • And you won't like me when I'm grumpy!
  • Oh well.
  • I'm going to spend the week hanging out with my family,
  • and doing a little shopping,
  • chillin with my Gramma,
  • and planning a birthday par-tay!
  • That's right.
  • Big bubba baby monster is turning one!
  • Too bad he's wearing 24 month-old clothes!
  • Seriously people, I kid you not.
  • I get weird looks from people when I am in the mother's lounge at church.
  • I want to tell them that he's only 11 months old!
  • I'm not trying to nurse a three year old!
  • Don't believe what your eyes are telling you!
  • Where are you going?!
  • Why did you stop talking the moment I showed up?!
  • Ah well. It will all be over soon.
  • And then I'm gonna lose some weight.
  • Yesssss.
  • Good bye stoopid extra nursing calories
  • Hello sexy mama in a swimsuit!
  • Ok, I'd settle for average mama with no muffin top.
  • Not having a panic attack when I go to my closet and can't find a dang thing to wear.
  • It happens every time I have to go out in public because, let's be honest, you can't wear track suits everywhere
  • Can you?!?
  • Stoopid comfortable non-form-fitting track suits.
  • Ahhhhhhhhh.


nab2010blog said...

I'll stuff you in my suitcase if you like. but if you come you have to go to geek-a-pa-loo-za with me! thats right not just 1 tv geek, 100K tv geeks. and we all have the same jokes. the ones that no one but us and the time base corrector understand. :) I love you, sorry you can't come with me.

Glamazon said...

What? You're in Utah? You know that's where I live, right? Have fun, fun, fun. My 21-month-old baby is in 3T clothes, and could probably fill out a 4T just fine. She is a big girl (Not just chubby, but tall, too. Pretty well-proportioned) but everyone thinks she is older than she is.

You can't wear track suits everywhere? Crap. Is that why I got those weird looks at church?

I hate muffin top. They invented the wonder bra, can't they invent something for that?

Thanks for playing! Have a fun weekend!

The Boob Nazi said...

Utaaaaaaaaaaah.... I can't wait to get out of here....

Court said...

Stopping by from the FC link party. If it is any consolation, it snowed 6 inches at my house Tuesday :( Darn April snow! and it wouldn't help if my hubby was in Vegas either. Hoping for sunshine for both of us.
Courtney@ frog2fab.blogspot.com

Brooke said...

Oh CamRae - you have such a way with words. . . that usually leave me with some sort of crazy emotion. Today - happiness. You're so dang funny. Why can't we live next door to each other like the good ol' days. . . what I would give. I love you girl!!

PONCIANO said...

Camie you are so funny! Dang muffin tops anyways:) Your boys are way cute!!