March 12, 2010

Friday Friday!

Here we go! I gotta lotta confessin to do!

  • I am hella grumpy right now.
  • So hella grumpy that I can't even think straight!
  • I should not be a grump at all.
  • My hubby took works off and watched the kids today so I could go play with my fabulous, beautiful friend Aimee.
  • And I get to do it again tomorrow!
  • And he made dinner!
  • And he cleaned-ish!
  • I should be so not grumpy!
  • But alas, the grump meter is hitting an all-time high!
  • I am grumpy because when people have those embedded comment forms on their blogs, my crappy computer won't let me comment.
  • Seriously, five times in the past couple days have I had amazing things to say to five fabulous people only to be shut down by the crappy system.
  • What the freak is the problem here?!?
  • I wanna give people some comment love and it won't let me!!!
  • Whatev.
  • I am grumpy because I got suckered into doing something I don't wanna do.
  • Can't really go into details here.
  • Now is not the time.
  • But it makes me SO MAD and GRUMPY!!!
  • And so I shall pout.
  • (pretend I'm on the floor crying like a 3 year old in Walmart)
  • Yeah, did I fail to mention that it was MY three year old crying on the floor in Walmart?
  • Yeah.
  • I told him he couldn't have the weird mitten thingy with the ice scraper coming out of it.
  • Rude huh?
  • Seen those?
  • Looks like an oven mitt with an ice scraper attached?
  • He apparently thought it was going to be his, alas, I thought not.
  • Oh and he also cried in the toy section because I was holding his hand.
  • And in the fabric section because I hurt his elbow trying to stop him from darting under a loading pallet.
  • And in the little boys section because he couldn't have the size 10 boy's pjs because the pants alone were taller than he was.
  • And in the food aisle because they didn't have his favorite "meatball"donuts. (donut holes)
  • And in the women's section because I put him back in the cart.
  • And by cry, I don't mean "boo hoo you're a mean mommy."
  • I mean "Why are you doing this to me? Mommy! This isn't happening! Take me out! You hurt me! WHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT are you DOOOOOOOOINGGGG!!! Mommy!! Mommy!! Mommmmmmmyyyyyyy!!! Come baaaaackkkkkkkkkkk!! Mommy!!!!!! Don't leave me!!! Mommmmmmmyyyy!! WAAAAAAAAAAIIITTT Mommmmyyyy!!!!!!"
  • You can hear it now can't you?
  • And that was all of like, 15 minutes.
  • Oh how I love Walmart.
  • Why am I grumpy?
  • You got me.
Go play. And if you don't wanna, just go read!


Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

Camie, I love reading your blog because it reminds me so much of my life! Your little guys sounds just like mine! So fun to take shopping :)

The Collard Clan said...

I love you, Camie!! Your blogs always make me laugh! :-) Don't feel bad about being grumpy. If moms were never grumpy there would be something wrong with us. I love to read about your mommy adventures -- makes me feel normal for a change. Cheer up, buddy and grab a box of those Meatball donuts. :-)

Lisa and Jacob said...

You're so funny! I can totally visualize your fun shopping experience... been there/done that.... a lot! I'm grumpy way too much for no obvious reason, that I know about anyway!

Employee of the month is awesome!

Tara Ann said...

You've totally made my afternoon with the bullet about your hubby cleaning up (ISH) :) Love it! Hang in there sweets... it's the crappy in between weather that's a tease of the June to come because we all know that it's really going to dump another foot of snow before we finally see springtime that has everyone out of sorts :) It'll get better... I promise! And if it doesn't you can come have lunch with me - hell, come have lunch with me even if it does get better! :)

Brittney said...

OMg Walmart trips with a kid in tow... always make me grumpy.. why do kids pick walmart to act like a complete fool in!

French Family said...

Well, darn, I forgot to do this! I was so lovely and amazing having you there! We really need to get together soon. :)

Glamazon said...

Aww, don't tantrums just fill you with a warm, fuzzy feeling? I'm in a grumpy mood, too. What did you get suckered into?

tiburon said...

Sorry for the grumps. That has been my whole week this week!