April 16, 2010

Friday Confessional: crazy obsessive momma

Here I am again. And I have a confession to make:
  • I am so very excited for Ian's birthday party.
  • I am lame.
  • I know he's one and will not remember any of it.
  • I see all these people throw these HUGE extravagant parties for their kids.
  • I hear other people complain about them and say how silly
  • And how uncalled for
  • And if you throw them a big party when they're one, you'll have set the bar pretty high.
  • And then they will always expect a big party.
  • And I have agreed with those people.
  • And now I am beginning to think I am a GINORMOUS hypocrite.
  • Because how stinkin cute would this be in my front yard come two weeks:
  • I mean hello? Do you know me at all?! Come on!
  • These Baby's First Birthday people have got my number don't they?
  • Only problem is I do not have the money to invest in such adorablilty. (Yeah it's a word)
  • So what's a clever, frugal mama to do you ask?
  • I'm glad you asked.
  • First, you take the color scheme and run with it.
  • You spend the entirety of two days in a crash course of learning the art of graphic design and come up with this:
  • And as not to leave anybody out,this for the out of towners:
  • Oh and we've got to have the token "Baby's First" onesie, made by me of course!
  • Then spend the entirety of another day driving from store to store getting the perfect combination of color coordinating plates and napkins, cake pans and cupcake liners, foam circles and "baby's first" decor.
  • Toting around a sleeping baby.
  • And then a sleeping three year old.
  • And we need to get this all done now because we're in the "big city" where things don't cost an arm and a leg.
  • Well, maybe just a leg.
  • And that's not all, folks.
  • There's plenty more surprises in store.
  • But I'm thinking that's enough crazy for one day.
  • Hey, if you know where I live and are free on May 1st, come on by!
  • It will be super fun, I promise.
  • I am actually just excited to get my family and friends together and have a good time.
  • I just needed an excuse, such as a first birthday.
  • So yeah, it's going to be a little out of control
  • and extravagant
  • and silly
  • but I just love being the hostess
  • I get that from my Gramma I believe.
  • And I love having the people I love together in one place for the afternoon.
  • So seriously, come on by.
  • And please, please DON'T bring a gift.
  • That kid has more toys that you could shake a stick at.
  • Whatever that supposed to mean.
  • He's got a lot of toys.
  • So yeah, the party is mostly for me I suppose.
  • But at least I can admit I have a problem.
  • And that's the first step to recovery...right?


Oka said...

This is nothing compared to some of the First birthday parties that I saw in Hawaii. Many people there get a loan to throw a formal party. Something to do with their ethnic (not Hawaiian) cultures and how in the past some many babies didn't make it to One (in their ethnic countries), so you have to celebrate big. Tens of thousands of dollars big. (doesn't matter that they are living in the US and infant mortality isn't nearly as significant as their ethnic country).

Enjoy the party and don't worry about what others say. He won't remember it enough to expect better later. But it is great to get the family together anyway :D

JRiggles said...

I like the idea that the party is for you! Woo hoo a whole year of turning a precious tiny baby into adorable, active toddler. With all the ins and outs of weight gain, boob pain, and sleepless nights. One Year!! Way to go Mom! You did it!

SSS said...

I still have a lot of good memories of you coming to my birthday parties when we were kids. I've always been thrilled that we're friends.

The Collard Clan said...

I love 1st birthdays! Honestly I think it's more of a celebration for the parents than the kid - a celebration that we didn't go completely bonkers, that we didn't kill anyone or fall into deep depression and check ourselves into the loonie bin. I mean come on - all parents know that the 1st year for a baby is the hardest time for mommy & Daddy. Poopy diapers, nursing or expensive formula, sleepless night, being a worried mess over every little thing....auhhh...really, that big birthday bash is for us!! :-) So party like it was 1999 my friend!! Live it up! You made it through the dark days now let the fun begin! :-)

Allyson & Jere said...

I for one am incredibly impressed with your cleverness and skillz on the computer. Your invites are adorable, the onesie, to die for. I hope it is everything you hoped it to be. I do agree, I think they're definitely for the parents, those 1st birthday parties.
Oh, and I'm visiting from Glamazon, just so you know.

Glamazon said...

Ah, another party-thrower! I'm so excited. I love love love to throw a party. But I don't make them as cute as you do-holy cow! You are talented! I hope your party is fanfreakingtastic :)

Thanks for playing!

Lisa and Jacob said...

ADORABLE!!! I say go all out! How many first b-days to you have anyway?!