May 14, 2010

Friday Confessional: Where Have You Been?!?

Hello again friends. It's been a long time. A couple weeks at least! I'm alive, no worries... but I do have a confession to make. Here we go.

  • I am camping out at my mom's house.
  • Squatting, if you will.
  • I originally planned on a four day adventure.
  • We're on day nine.
  • With three more to go.
  • I only packed for four days.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha
  • I usually over pack.
  • WAY over pack.
  • People make fun of the way I pack.
  • "You're only gonna be gone a few days!
  • Why do you need eight bags?!"
  • Shut up.
  • They don't realize that I have two kids
  • one who has to bring his entire family of stuffed animals
  • and a baby who has diapers and wipes
  • and toys and a pack 'n play.
  • Plus I need toiletries
  • for all of us.
  • And shoes!
  • For all of us.
  • Seriously, why oh why did I get rid of the X-terra?!?
  • X-earth.
  • Ha ha, I love the Office.
  • Ha ha ha.
  • Seriously though, bad move.
  • But this time, I was all, 'No I'm gonna pack light
  • and be responsible.
  • Oooh, look at me and my tiny suitcases!
  • We're only bringing a few bags!
  • I'm so awesome!'
  • Well, the jokes on me!
  • First of all, I completely neglected pj's for the baby.
  • He's been sporting Onesies
  • and his brother's size 4T jammies
  • which should be a lot bigger on Baby Bubba than they are.
  • As in yikes, my 12 month old is fitting into 4T pjs????
  • Anyway
  • I've done laundry twice now.
  • I'm sick of my stretchy pants.
  • I didn't even bring any jeans with me!
  • What the crap!?!?
  • I went to town today to find some clothes.
  • I forget the slim pickens here.
  • Kings has, um, nothing
  • I was hoping to find a set of jammies for the boys
  • I ended up getting shirt and short sets
  • that kinda look like jammies.
  • And I needed a couple shirts
  • maybe a pair of jeans.
  • Yeah
  • I got a pair of sweats and called it good.
  • Kings sucks.
  • Boo Kings.
  • And now I gotta go do some laundry
  • again.
  • I only brought four pairs of underwear you know.
  • And you definitely can't get those bad boys at Kings!


PONCIANO said...

Haha I do the same. I always pack to much- better safe then sorry you never know what you are gonna want to wear. You should have skipped King and went to Family Dollar.

tiburon said...

This is officially my #1 reason and argument to over pack!