May 24, 2010

Seven Years Down

Isn’t it supposed to be seven years bad luck when you break a mirror?  SWEET!  I’m in the clear!
And what about a seven year itch?  What the crap is that all about anyway?  No really, I have no idea what it is.
BUT I do know that
Seven years ago today, we were doing this:

And a little bit of this:
our first dance

And some of this:

And this too.

(Sad to say I actually haven’t seen six of these people since this day.)

Whatever!  Seven years?  Wow.  Its been a journey to say the least, that’s for certain.  It’s hard to even believe it’s been seven years. 

Look at the sheer terror on his face!  He was thinking about bolting, I just know it! 
But in all seriousness, I am so very grateful I have this man beside me.
The guy everyone thought was no good for me
.Picture 118
The guy who had piercings and tattoos.
0505 Caper Trip 129
The guy who took care of me from the time I graduated from college to now and continues to do so.Picture 024
The guy who supported me through beauty school, even though we weren’t even engaged, let alone married. 
0505 Caper Trip 010
The guy who was patient with me while I figured things out and got things straight.
The guy who’s literally been with me through thick (mostly me) and thin (mostly him).
Picture 040
The guy who has sat idly by and endured my ever changing hair color and style.
Picture 404
The guy who held me while I cried, waited when I was impatient, got tests done when we had no answers, and gave up so so much to be a daddy.
The guy who lets me torture him.
The guy who has endured heartbreak countless times.
The guy who goes on many splendid adventures with me and my incessant whining and need for potty breaks.
The guy who does the best he possibly can.
The guy who is pretty dang adorable.
nicole 031
The guy who puts up with so so much and takes it all in stride.DSC03619
The guy who’s little son is trying to be just like.
The guy who doesn’t know it, but has the most amazing spirit about him.
The guy who has prayed for me when I couldn’t do it myself.DSC01331  
The guy who doesn’t give himself enough credit.
The guy I was terrified of when we first met, but who turned out to be practically the biggest dork on the planet.
The guy who’s made me feel stronger, more self confidant, and beautiful than I ever did before.DSC02907    
The guy who collects many amounts of seemingly useless junk and is an amazing, daring cook.DSC03679
The guy who would, and does anything for his family.
They guy who lets me be me.
The guy who never gives up, never backs down, and doesn’t throw in the towel, even when others would have quit long ago.
The guy who makes me madder than I’ve ever been in my entire life.
The guy I can’t out argue.
The guy I had my last first kiss with. 
Starred Photos11-2  
The guy that seemed so very wrong for me for a lot of reasons.
The guy who I married seven years ago today.  The guy I will spend eternity with.  The guy I love. 
We’ve had good days, we’ve had bad days, we’ve fought like it was over, we’ve laughed at absolutely nothing.  It’s such an amazing ride and I’m so glad I’m on it with him.  He’s my best buddy, the one who gets annoyed when I tell him what celebrities I think are hot, the one who honestly loves me no matter what I look like.  He’s forgiving and sweet, awkward and hilarious.  There’s absolutely no one I’d rather be with.

There were quite a few people who really thought I was making a huge mistake marrying this guy.  What they didn’t know was how great a man he would turn out to be.  How great a daddy he’d be, how great a husband.  They didn’t see what I saw, they didn’t know what I knew, and they didn’t feel what I felt.  Many prayers were sent heavenward while we were dating and engaged.  I knew from the beginning that it was the start of something good. 

My mom asked me before we got married why him, why this person who seemed so out of character for me.  I knew then that our life would be hard.  I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  I knew we had an uphill journey ahead of us.  I knew that I loved him and that life was going to be hard, but I knew that it would be 1000 times better than life with out him.

So Thor, thanks for it all.  Being married to you is a day by day adventure.  Thanks for not bailing the first time you had second thoughts and wondered what you'd gotten yourself into?  You know the time...Yellowstone...outhouse...yeah...I wouldn't have blamed you for high tailing it right then.  But thanks for not giving up on me then and now.  Love you bunches, sweetie.


Betsy Sue said...

That was the sweetest tribute I've ever heard!! I love it!! You guys truly are one in a million!!! Its amazing how you find the person that others don't think is "right" for you and they are just who you need!!! Happy Anniversary you guys!!!

The Collard Clan said...

I think the words you are searching for are "Lucky Seven" Not many people now days make it to their 7th anniversary -- Congrats to both of you! I think you are dang cute together and who cares what other people think as long as you are truely happy. But you did help me to realize that I need to take more pictures with my hubby, you guys have so many cute pictures....I must say I'm slightly jealous. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Carolynn said...

I loved reading that! Well written. Yay for all happiness. Congrats for the 7th. That is a great Jenn said, not many can say they made it that far. You are so cute together. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Anniversary to you!

tiburon said...

SO fun to see you guys through the years! Happy Anniversary!!

Diane said...

You! Made me cry. Who knew then that you would feel this way now? You are two of the most special people I know. You are not just good for each other but you are glue- keeping our family going. Thanks for being so wonderful and for your wonderful kids. They make dark days bright! Love you bunches and bunches! Congratulations!!! (Even if we were doubters....Sorry.) Thanks for proving us wrong. Love you forever, YOURMOM & PAPA

Teddy said...

I read every word and loved it. Especially the part about your last first kiss :-) And following your heart. I did the same and have never been sorry. Congrats on 7yrs!