May 18, 2010

Controversial Garbage

Hubster and I were just talking about Arizona.
About Nazi Germany.
About having to show your papers.
About this country and how some maja crazy crap is a goin down.
And the I stumbled upon my dear sweet friend JoAnn's blog post.
And I love what she wrote.
You can find it here.
I love her.
The end


Jo said...

Camie! :) Thanks for reading my blog and linking it here and I'm glad you liked what I wrote. I get a little passionate at times ;) but lady, I love you too and yes, we really should get together.

Jo said...

Oh! And also, there is a really funny clip I saw making fun of glenn beck (i wanna punch that guy in the face. and the stomach. and knee him in the groin. repeatedly.) and it talks a little about illegal immigration but mostly it's making fun of glenn beck. Here's the link:

i am not tech saavy like you wonderful lady and i don't know how to type just one word and make it a link but. copy and paste it. and i hope you laugh. :)

Jo said...
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SSS said...

It's becoming more of an issue in New Mexico as well. You & your husband should illegally immigrate down south next January so we can discuss it further. ;)