March 26, 2010

Hi. I'm Camie. I don't know if we've met. I have this blog I used to write on? Remember me? Yeah I suck. I'll get back into the swing of things here soon. Promise.
On to my confessions.
  • I have been sewing a lot lately.
  • A lot.
  • I don't get out my machine very often so when I got it out this time, I figured I had better make it count.
  • I fixed my whole bag of mending.
  • I made a couple skirts.
  • I made Izacc some pants.
  • I made Ian some pants.
  • I made some baby gifts.
  • I am no where near done.
  • I am out of control.
  • And so is my living room.
  • Yikes.
  • I have taken a sewing sabbatical until I can at least find a seat in the living room.
  • I have ADD
  • Or maybe OCD
  • Either way I can't get my living room done until I had cleaned the bathroom.
  • And did the laundry.
  • And cleaned my room.
  • And got all the clothes hung up and put away.
  • And put away the winter sweaters and pulled out all the shorts and flip flops.
  • I think perhaps I am stalling.
  • I did start to clean it up.
  • And I was going to put away the baby bouncer.
  • Because big bubba baby monster is too large and in charge for such playthings.
  • I smartly saved the box when we bought it so I could store it neatly.
  • And so I took it downstairs to put it back in the box.
  • I took it apart a little and tried, but it was too tall. The toys came seperatly.
  • So I tried to take the toys off.
  • And I tried to take the toys off.
  • And I cursed a little.
  • And I prayed a little.
  • And I got the toys off.
  • And I tried again to put it in the box.
  • And I rearranged it and tried again.
  • This was the battle royal of box vs man.
  • Or woman as the case may be.
  • A few choice words, nasty pinches and about 15 minutes later it was in the box...ish.
  • Okay, so I can't close the top.
  • But it is technically in the box.
  • Ha ha! I win!
  • While I was wrestling with box and toys and parts I had a sort of fight song going through my head.
  • Ask me where it came from.
  • Yeah I got nothin.
  • The Night Chicago Died.
  • I am so awesome.
  • My cousin Brooke and I made up a dance to that song once.
  • We were nothing but the coolest kids on the block.
  • Stupid box.
  • Stupid jumperoo.
  • Stupid song!
  • I am going to go clean my living room now.
  • Right after I finish putting all the clothes away.
  • Promise!

You know the drill!
Play. Read. Laugh. Repeat.
PS he's adorable.


Glamazon said...

Good for you and spring cleaning! I did some this week, too. And I'm especially impressed that you saved the box, and then remembered to STORE the toy in there again! I love your boys' names, my baby's name is Isaiah, and my hubby is totally set on naming the next boy Isaac. I like your spelling of it, though.

Also-so impressed you can sew! I have no clue-when stuff loses buttons or gets holes in it, it goes to the garbage :)

Thanks for playing!

The Collard Clan said...

We really should be neighbors! :-) for more than one reason - but today the reason is because then I could just knock, drop off the pile of play dresses I told my girls I would sew and mend the ripped out seams of months and years ago. but now they just sit in a heap in the downstairs closet. Maybe if I wait long enough they will just forget about them, right! (jk) I know, I'm a horrible person.

The Boob Nazi said...

I love lists like these.

Lisa and Jacob said...

Cute bouncy! And you are awesome. I agree, sewing is addictive, but I have not tried making my kids clothes yet- go you!