March 2, 2010

Ah irony

Dear Yahoo,


Thank you so much for the unsettling news report that the

Chile quake may have shifted Earth's axis


I would also like to thank you for putting that advertisement right next to said unsettling new report,

You know the one.

Where the asteroid zooms past the words I’m reading and  “burns” a hole in my screen?

Where the earth’s just a shakin’ and things are falling and there are fires and and people fleeing?

Yeah, that’s right.  Good move on putting the release of 2012 onto DVD ad right next to the real life truth about our Earth being moved of it’s axis.

If you’ll now excuse me, I’ll be gathering supplies and building my bomb shelter.


Carolynn said...

Haha. I had the same experience with yahoo today. But you put it better than I could. Maybe I could build my bomb shelter next to yours so we can be neighbors. :)

Side note, I saw your mom at the temple a couple weeks ago. She is so sweet!

Brooke said...

Make that shelter big enough for me and my crew too - please!!!

Tara Ann said...

Too funny! I had the same experience but I was reading the posting on the fly and didn't see the advertisement. I just figured it was some nerd being funny :D