March 19, 2010

Friday Confessional

I cannot believe it's Friday again already!! What the?!? okay, so here we go...
  • I just tried to transfer $100 from my husband's checking account to mine so I could have some money to get back home with.
  • I'm in Utah By the way.
  • Me and the boys came down for my beautiful cousin's wedding.
  • Oh they're so cute.
  • The bride and groom.
  • Not that my boys aren't super cute.
  • But that's beside the point.
  • Weddings make me all warm and gooey inside.
  • Not to mention the impromptu family reunions.
  • And my son running around like the sugar-filled maniac that he is made it all the better.
  • He sat in the corner and cried when they started cleaning up and they put away the punch bowl.
  • Full on sobbing so profusely that I couldn't even understand one word he was saying.
  • Gramma had to help him.
  • He kept saying, "Tell them to bring it back! They took away my fruit punch!"
  • Bless his tender heart.
  • It does seem to be becoming a trend that a sobbing fit ensues wherever we go
  • Not sure how I feel about that one.
  • No wait, I am sure
  • Anyway, in Utah, need to go shopping and get back home, so I needed to transfer $100 into my acct.
  • I transfered $100 from my acct into his.
  • Derp.
  • I only had $55 in my account.
  • Whatever.
  • The nice guy at Wells Fargo was really super nice and understanding on the phone.
  • Although he was probably shaking his head in annoyance.
  • He should have asked me why on earth I was banking at 12:55 am.
  • People tend to make mistakes when banking while tired.
  • Case in point.
  • LAME!!
  • Oh well, at least I have overdraft protection set up, right?
  • *shakes head in shame*
  • I am so annoying.
  • I'm going to bed.
Play. Read. Laugh. Repeat.


French Family said...

Ok, I was too lazy and tired to figure out how to do the bullet instead of a dash. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO A BULLET INSTEAD OF A DASH?! ;) I wondered where you went! Glad it was a fabulous wedding. Btw, we need to do something again! Check your FB comment from your wall post to me lol.

The Boob Nazi said...

awww, he just wanted more fruit punch!!

The Collard Clan said...

What are you even doing up at 12:55am?? let alone banking! :-)

NICKI said...

I love your blog...that is all I have to say

tiburon said...

Now I want some fruit punch!