May 19, 2011


DSC_8228       Oh sweet baby boy, you are two.  Two years old!  I can’t believe it.  You have literally transformed into a little boy right before my eyes this past month.  I blame it on the new shampoo.  (We ran out of baby shampoo and so he and Izacc are using the same stuff now)  But you've gone from my snuggly baby to a rough and tumble boy in a matter of weeks.  I’m sad and happy and terrified all at the same time!

I am so so proud of you.  The night before you turned two you ditched the binky for good!  Not that you don’t still ask for it now and again, but you quit that bad boy and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Your speech is really coming along since you two parted and you are generally an all-around joy to be around.

There are some fun things that I want to remember about you right now:
-The way you act like a monkey.  Or a kitty.  Or a puppy.  And crawl around making the appropriate noises.
-When you wake up and come directly to our bed and demand to watch “PB” (TV).
-When you’re tired, you walk around in circles.
-You love bubbles, and the way you say bubbles is the most adorable thing I can think of.
-You replace your “d”s for “g”s and your “t”s for “k”s.  Gaggy=Daddy, Beg=bed, breg=bread, kank oooh=thank you.  Cracking your code has opened up a whole new level of understanding on my part!!
-You are so polite and say “kank oooh” after everything, including when I tell you good job.
-You LOVE to sing along with everything.  And it’s mainly just sounds but it’s so cute.  You try to at least get the ending of the phrases.  Your personal favorites are The ABC Song, Twinkle Twinkle, and well, anything on the radio!
-You love to go outside and have figured out how to open the door all by yourself.  If only you could figure out not to go into the street.
-You can climb up into your car seat by yourself.
-You and Izacc have the best time playing together.  Somehow he understands you and your little conversations crack me up.
-You love puppies and birds and shout at them when you see them out the window.
-Blessing your food (quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen) You echo whoever is saying it when it’s not your turn.
-You have taken to sleeping in a big boy bed so beautifully and I think you have a blast having a roommate.
-You call yourself “Nan” and Izacc “Gy-gac” or sometimes, just “Gac”.  And I love how you call Steph “Barf”
-Climbing climbing climbing!  Holy cow do you love to climb.  And fall.  You tuck and roll like a pro.  Perhaps a professional career as a stuntman is in your future.
-You run with your head tilted to the side and your arms a waving!  I couldn’t love it more.  I love the sound of you running barefoot on the hardwood.
-When you wake up from your nap, you run to whoever is closest in the living room and give them the biggest, best hug you’ve got.  It’s pure bliss.
-You like to count, and count as we drive.  Trees, cars, whatever.  Although sometimes you just say “cinco, cinco, cinco…” which is totally cool too.
-You love to love on my belly.  I think when this baby comes out it will rock your world a bit and life as you know it might come crumbling down, but you are going to be so sweet with her I just know it.
-You love to cuss people out, especially Daddy when you are protecting me or your brother.  And usually the only word we can understand is “nonny” (naughty)
-When I ask you “who’s cute?” or “Who’s handsome” you always say “ME!”
-When I ask you “who loves you?” your list usually entails Mommy, Gaggy, Gygac, Mama (gramma) Papa, baby, Barf (Steph), Eese (Reese) and whoever else happens to be in the room at the time.
-You get so excited when you pee in the potty, although it only happens about once a day.
-You still love to eat, but have become a little more picky in your taste.  You hate canned chicken and anything that has to do with it.
-You love to watch Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi, and Go Diego Go, and can sing each theme song respectively.
-At your 2 year old check up you were in the 97th percentiles for both height and weight, and the Dr made sure to let me know that you were not fat, just solid.  You wear size 9 shoes and 3T clothes and are starting to wear some 4Ts…heaven help us.
-When we’re driving or shopping, you love to say “go go go!!”
-Your sweet little open mouth kisses have turned into real kisses and you love to give them out freely.
-Your hugs are the best around, hands down.  And you are not stingy with them.
-Your laugh is by far the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.  It’s beautiful and I wish I had a recording of it to share with anyone who would listen.  I promise, it will make your day.
-You like to watch Izacc play Playstation or Wii and get excited for him and thanks to Daddy, when ever you hear the Angry Birds theme song, you go crazy and have to watch whoever it is play “Birgs!  Birgs!”
-You are a little mimic and try and copy anything anyone says, usually your older brother.
-Your eyes are still so stunning and can get me to do basically anything.
-The look you get when you’re mad or pretending to be mad is too much.  You furrow your brow and when you’re serious, it’s a little scary.

I basically love you to pieces and can not imagine life without you.  I’m so glad you joined our family and can’t wait to see all the good you’ll do and joy you’ll bring into our lives and the lives of others.  You’re the best, baby.  Thanks for letting me be your mama.

Just to show how far you've some in a year, here you were on your first birthday.  Look at that little face!
Per your request, a Lightning McQueen cake!
Here we go.
Can't quite get that candle blown out...
Thank goodness for Izacc.
Happy birthday little man!!  Being two is gonna ROCK!!


Stephanie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ian! Enjoy this season mama!

Saimi said...

What a wonderful tribute to an obviously sweet little guy!!

Happy Birthday Ian!!

The Collard Clan said...

They grow up way to fast! What a cutie though! :-)

B said...

I love this kid!! This post cracks me up. Such a funny little man.