May 25, 2011

All About the Belly Part 2

So remember a few months ago when I posted a couple pictures of the Belly?
Well, my friends, things got real alright.
They got real REAL fast!!
So I'm 1 day away from being 37 weeks.
And I feel the need to show off the Belly
For she is grand and, ah, well, huge.

Okay let's review.

Ah sweet little body, how I miss thee.
Here's me at  9 weeks

Not too much going on.
Here's 22 weeks.

A little more progress.
Here we are at 27 weeks. 

And still...
32 weeks here.

And here we are today.
37 ish weeks.

Can I just say whoa mama!!
I wish I had the motivation to go pull up the pictures from the other two so we could compare.
Oh wait a sec...

Here's me with Ian at 37 weeks.

I have officially outgrown that shirt.
I thought I was all out front with him!
This one's basically a basketball sticking out there.
And can we talk about carrying high?
Because last time's rib pain was NOTHING compared to this one.
Although I fear I felt some movement southward today...
Oh man it really is getting close!!

Can't wait to meet this baby!!



Stephanie said...

Love the progression! Loved the ode to Thom as well -- one lucky man you have!

Stephanie said...

By the way you should FB me your address!

Ashley Cook said...

Yay! You're almost there! I'm not really brave enough to take pictures of my belly. Still too self conscious about it I guess. I never liked my belly before anyway. But you look fantastic! Can't wait to meet her!

The Collard Clan said...

You look AMAZING!! -- Skinny and all belly! I can't wait for you to have this baby either -- Get moving and get this baby out, will ya!