May 27, 2011

Friday Confessional: Just Another Day


It's Friday!
And it's a holiday weekend!
Let's do some confessin', shall we?

I confess...
  • It is seriously a beautiful day outside.
  • I LOVE It!
  • It's seriously about time.
  • Gloomy weather makes me grumpy.
  • And no one likes a grumpy Camie.
  • It's true.  Ask around.
  • Izacc had his last day of school this week.
  • He's pretty much been telling everyone we see that he's done with school.
  • Not like he's happy about it or anything.
  • I'm happy about it.
  • Let the summer begin!
  • Lazy days and sunshine!
  • And not having to go anywhere!
  • Yeah.
  • It's gonna be good.
  • I got myself a wicked stupid sunburn on Wednesday.
  • Half of my right shin and ankle.
  • That's it.
  • Hurts SO bad!
  • Stupid UV rays!
  • Stupid leg.
  • Oh brother.
  • Also got myself an awesome UTI going on.
  • I've been antibiotic-ing and Activia-ing it up over here.
  • You know, as to avoid getting another sort of infection...
  • Sorry TMI, I know.
  • This being pregnant stuff is awesome.
  • So I'm basically ready to be done.
  • The rib pain, the sciatica, the not being able to bend over.
  • Yeah it really is a beautiful time...
  • But I think it's run it's course.
  • Time for the next stage where I get to snuggle up with a little baby
  • Instead of watching my belly writhe around like there's an alien inside of it.
  • Can't wait.
  • Her room may never get done though.
  • I ordered curtains the other day so I could match the color I paint the walls.
  • You know, being all proactive and smart.
  • Well, the stupid things aren't expected to get here until June 13-June 29.
  • Um , excuse me.
  • A MONTH?!
  • I'm supposed to wait a month for them to get here?!?
  • Come on, people!
  • Sorta don't see myself painting the room 3 days before my due date.
  • Well, actually, that kinda does sound like me...
  • But no!  I'm ticked to say the least!
  • Ah well.  We shall see I suppose.
  • In the meantime, Thor and I are going on an anniversary date tonight.
  • I know right?!
  • Dinner and a movie.
  • Kidless,
  • Steph, best person in the world, is gonna wrangle them for me for a few hours.
  • I am really excited.
  • Perhaps too excited.
  • I really need to get out more.
  • Ha ha funny time to be realizing that, eh?
  • Too late to change my mind??
  • Ah well.
  • At least it's warm outside.
  • Gonna go work on burning the other side of my leg.



VandyJ said...

Jealous of your warm weather--it hasn't made it to our part of the state yet.
Hope the next few weeks fly by so you can hold you little girl!

Saimi said...

I'm feeling for ya, I have so many pregnant friends and they seriously are at that miserable stage. I think they look adorable but they think otherwise!

Soon you'll be holding your new baby, hang in there!!

Mamarazzi said...

ouch on the has been a looooong time since i have had a bad burn, i feel for you!!