February 23, 2011

Super Sweet Deal

Hey friends!
So I was just catching up on the old reader and came across a super deal I thought you should know about.
Well, some of you at least.
But who am I to say who can and cannot know about super sweet deals?!
So here ya go.
There's a super cute website, Beanie Designs, that sells the most aDoRaBlE hats and headbands and just all around sweetness.
AND if you use the promo code offbeatmamma, you can get 50% off your entire order!!
I just bought a bunch of stuff for Belly and spent, uh, $12.00.
Thats right.
Try and handle all this cuteness!!

Oh and PS shipping is FREEEEEEE!!!!
So go check it out and try not to spend a million dollars!
Or twelve.

Thanks to Erika for sharing this super fantastic deal!

Belly's gonna look so dang cute!


1 comment:

The Collard Clan said...

You look dang cute in your belly shots! Its odd because I had a baby over 5 months ago and I think our bellys are the same size. (not so cute for me). I'm excited your having a wee little girl - they are soooo fun to dress :-)And I love your hair too. Love ya girlie! Your posts always make me smile.