February 20, 2011

Belly Quilt

Um hi.
There is nothing about this little quilt that I don't love.
Every time I see the colors it makes me happy.
So unbelievably happy.
I joked with my friend Steph that I would make her a human sized one.
I'm thinking it's not such a bad idea!
I could snuggle up really nice with one of these.
And also, the list would have to be a lot longer.
You know, things like laundry, dishes, vacuuming,
Well, you get the point.
Nonetheless I adore this.
I got the idea from Vanessa  V and Co.
More details on how I got this done over here.
But seriously, how much is Belly going to LOVE getting this thing messy, am I right?!
Um yeah. Can't wait.


Stephanie said...

LOVE it!

Jo said...

Dearest Camie.

Holy WOW!

You rock my socks. I wanna make one of these too. I just need to get me a little baby to make it for! :)

Ps. Do you have a fancy sewing machine, or just a normal one? Because mine is just normal, and I have an irrational fear of it getting really angry and going on strike if I try to make a quilt. Even a little one.