January 21, 2011

Friday Confessional


Here we are again.  Another week down the crapper.  Sorry to sound so, uh, down, but it's been another doosey.  Let's just get right to it.

I confess...

  • I am so SOO ready for spring.
  • Warm, sunshine, a husband that stays in town.
  • Ah yes it will be magical.
  • This single mama business is so not for me.
  • And I mean, I know it could be worse, right?
  • I have friends and family who's husbands are in the military and gone all the time,
  • Not just half the week, every week.
  • I don't mean to complain.
  • I guess it would be another story if the moolah was worth it.
  • But alas, he has to come home and off to his other job he goes.
  • Lame sauce.
  • I wish I could figure out what's making my kids turn into bodily wast factories.
  • Last week it was the little one.
  • This week it's the big one
  • And the little one.
  • I've done approx. 12 loads of laundry in the past week.
  • Whew I need a break.
  • A small mini vacation
  • Accepting any and all donations to the "keep mama sane" foundation
  • Ha ha wouldn't that be nice.
  • Did I tell you my hubby got me a Silhouette for Christmas??!!
  • Yeah he did.
  • He's pure awesomeness.
  • And I can't wait to start making stuff with it!
  • But first I need supplies
  • Vinyl, heat transfer, ect.
  • I'm really excited.
  • We cut out some letters for Izacc to make a sign.
  • It says, "Izacc transforms into Bumble Bee."
  • He's pretty much the coolest there is.
  • When he's not barfing in my hallway, that is.



Rachel Murphy said...

So sorry your week has been so rough hope it gets better.

VandyJ said...

Sick kids are the worst--Turbo is currently a lump on the couch. At least there is no barfing. The silhouette sounds pretty cool. Hope you get to play with it soon.

Sara Richins said...

Single mommyhood is not fun. Hang in there!

Mamarazzi said...

oh man i am so ready for Spring too.