December 1, 2010

Blast From the Past: Myspace Blog From 3/12/2008

I deleted my MySpace account awhile ago, but before I did I copied my blog posts from it.  I mean, they must have meant something to me at some time or I wouldn't have posted them.  I  decided to post them here on my real life blog just to have the memory of a happier, well a different time anyway.  La la la, I know.  Feel free to pass on these if you like, they're more for my sake than for yours.  And I'm pretty sure I thought I was hilarious then too.  Yeah, sorry.

1.City you were from?
Auburn, but I wouldn't exactly call that CITY. Should probably claim Afton or even Star Valley.

2. Rocky Mountain Oysters??
What about them? Yes, I know what they are, no I've never eaten one and Yes, I have seen a man get them using his teeth. Any questions?

3. What about the Rez?
What about it? I live on it now practically. I live in good old Riverton, home sweet home.

4. Do you go to Yellowstone or Grand Teton Parks?
I freaking have to drive through Teton Park every time I go see my parents! Damn 55 mph, tourists, and slow moving animals! Not to mention the idiots who stop their vehicles in the middle of the road to look at the sweet little elk or moose or beaver. For real, people, at least pull over to the side! As for Yellowstone, I suppose I take it for granted. I've been there only twice.

5. Boysen Resevoir?
What the! It's practically my backyard! When Thom and I were dating we drove out there one night with a friend and his boyfriend, yes you heard me. Anyway, it was so nice out there, the stars and the lake and...oh, moving on....

6. What do you think about Freudenthal?
Who? The governor right?? I have not been back long enough to care. Ask me about Al Simpson though!

7. Wyoming Highway Patrol?
I used to live next to one, his name was Dave. He was the nicest guy ever. Once we took him bowling and Thom totally ran a red light and he said not to worry because we entered the intersection while the light was yellow. Nice guy.

8. Broncos?

9. Do you hunt or know someone who does?
I don't hunt, everyone else around here does.

10. Have you been over Togwotee, Teton or South Pass?
Yes, in fact, all withn the past month, actually.

11. Can you drive in the snow?
Like a pro

12. Do you think of Mississippi when you hear "Jackson"?
No, why would I do that? (Jackson SUCKS) Sorry, bitter high school feelings never die...

13. Hows your police?
Fine, hows yours?

14. Do you fly out of SLC or DEN more often?
I have never flown out of DIA. SLC for me

15. Quads or Snowmobiles?
What the freak is a quad? Is that like a four-wheeler? because we had both, one for winter, one for summer. Ahh, nothing like the smell of snowmachine fumes on a cold winter morning.

16. Have you ever ridden a horse?
Of course I have! What do I look like, an amateur?!?!

17. What does "Black Ice Advisory" mean to you?
Watch out for idiot drivers who think 4 wheel drive means I can still go 5 over the speed limit, no problem!

18. Have you ever been to Frontier Days?
Have I? Man oh man, what a good time! Thom used to work in Cheyenne at KGWN channel 5 and used to cover Frontier Days. Come on, let's all sing, "It's your station, it's your life. It's Wyoming's channel 5" Wow, that song sucked.

19. Do you regularly incorporate "Git'r Done" into your vocabulary?
Probably more than I should

20. Do you camp?
Yes and I can't wait for this summer, I plan on teaching Izacc all the awesome tricks to play on Daddy. You know, Ice cream tub bear call, honey on the outhouse seat, saran wrap, well, let's just say it's going to be a good time!

21. Support the Cowboys?

22. You've been to the Elk Refuge for feeding?
Yeah, it's kind of a touristy thing to do though. We went when I was in third grade and I drive by both of them on my way home

23. Does the Alpine Slide mean anything to you?
Now THAT'S a good time! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! But they have those in Utah too..

24. Devil's Tower: cool or just a big hill?
Okay, so one time I almost died there. We were on Jazz Tour with the college and we decided to stop there. It was early March and so there was still a lot of snow on the ground. Bev, Christine, and I were walking around it, following the group...or so we thought. Somehow we wandered off, well, to make a long story short, there was a twisted ankle, no foot prints in the snow, the sun was going down, and man it was scary. And I tell people this story and they say you know, Devil's Tower is round, you should have just kept walking and you would have found your way. Well, you weren't there, you don't know! It's bigger than it looks, okay?!?!?!  Anyway...

25. Do you know what an osprey is?
Yeah but what does that have to do with Wyoming?  Are there a lot of them here or something?  I thought they lived near water?!?!

26. Do you know someone who has rodeoed?
Know someone?  Why yes, yes I do.  PLUS my dad was a rodeo clown for a while.  That's a good story too.

27. Do you own any guns?
Negative.  But Thom has a BB gun!  Look out neighborhood cats!  Thom's on the loose and he's gone loco on account of the BBs!  Really, c'mon.  Oh, and we have paintball guns too.  Now, I'm not going to brag, but you don't know fun until you've painted your dad's white cows pink...

28. Do you know how to fish?
Do I know how?  Yeah.  Do I like to?  Heck no.

29. Do you know where Elk Mountain is?
Do I?!?!  My bestest friend grew up near there...ish...

30. When you order a soft drink what do you ask for- pop, soda, or coke?
Well, I did ask for a pop until I went out of state and found out how retarded I sounded asking for a "pop" now I ask for soda...mostly...


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