July 13, 2010

Lazy Dayz

Life's pretty good these days.

We're spending time with my Gramma.
We get to see a lot of family.
We got to meet two of the sweetest babies to ever be born.
We're playing outside.
We're basking in the sun.

My youngest brother comes home from his mission tomorrow!
We're all pretty excited to see Uncle Ben.
Izacc wants to make a sign that says "welcome to Wyoming!"
Even though he's flying into Utah.
Ha. He makes me laugh.
Izacc is such a fan of Avatar the Last Air Bender.
He hasn't seen the movie, but has watched the anime.
He's got some pretty sweet moves.
And an official air bender tattoo.
And check out those air bending eyes!! Ha ha!

The only thing that would make life better would be if Daddy were here with us.
We miss you!!
Wish you were here!

But all the same, family, summer, sidewalk chalk, and babies.
You just can't beat that!
Have a happy day, everybody!
Try not to eat too much sidewalk chalk!

No really, life's good. Promise!!


The Collard Clan said...

as tough as it is to take care of kids 24/7...they really are the greatest joy in life. And your little guys are adorable. What a bunch of cuties! I will do my best to have a good day today. :-)

NICKI said...

I love to read your stuff... just so you know!