July 8, 2010

Friday Confessional: I have found the secret!

It's Friday again and you know what that means!
Garbage day!

AND a new Friday confessional!!
Which is not garbage!
Well,I don't think it is, but you know.
Everyone has their own opinion.
Oh whatever!
I know, you are so excited.
Let's get a crackin', shall we?

  • I have recently discovered a way to make time.
  • It is a fabulous recipe.
  • Take 2 boys
  • Add two bowls of cereal
  • and two high chairs
  • or chairs with straps
  • whatever is most handy.
  • Then turn on television.
  • Now,before you think I am a horrible mother, understand
  • We're talking about my family/dining room here.
  • There is a GIANT opening between it and the kitchen.
  • So they are not totally enclosed in a room by themselves.
  • I can look down upon their sleepy eyed faces as they mow their respective bowls of fruit loops.
  • And pass them sippy cups of juice or milk.
  • but the moral of the story is
  • Holy crap it has been the greatest week of my life.
  • Why have I never thought of this before?!
  • I mean, it only lasts about 15 minutes before one or both of them are up in my face again.
  • But if I'm speedy, I can usually get a good shower, sometimes (gasp) bath in.
  • 15 minutes is about all I've got.
  • But for those sweet fifteen minutes I enjoy the privacy and semi-quiet of a real life honest to goodness shower.
  • Ahhhhh.
  • Sweet relief.
  • Whatever, you know I have the door open just in case.
  • But still
  • it's a shower
  • all the same.
  • No one wanting to get in with me
  • No one playing peek a boo with the curtain
  • No one playing in the sink and/or toilet
  • No one crying because who knows why.
  • No one.
  • Alone.
  • I know someday I will miss them
  • being all cute and playful
  • and wanting to take a shower with me.
  • But for now
  • once in a while
  • it's nice to be able to have a shower
  • all by myself.
  • And it is wonderful.
Now go play!


Michelle Nielson said...

Haha cam ur halarious! I'm glad u were able to find ttime for your secert shower! :)

A Baarz said...


I love that you are so honest. I don't think you are a bad mom at all. Besides there is something to be said for 10-15 minutes of alone time without the peek a boo. Congrats!!!

Jaymi said...

Stopped by from Glam. I loved reading your side post about the things your little boy says! So funny! I wish I would keep better record of the cute things my kids say!

Stacy said...

Isn't an alone shower is so great? Don't they know that when they move the shower curtain it get very cold in there?? Kids, when they are teenagers just wait. I'll get ya back.

Milner Family said...

I remember the first time I took a shower after I had kids and I didn't have one interruption.... I contemplated never coming out. Good for you for coming out. I love all the cute things your son says. I always say I am going to write down what my kids say and then I forget.

Kristina P. said...

I am a big fan of sticking children in dog cages. Works like a charm.

Krista said...

It is nice when you get to the point you can have a shower. Very creative thinking! Lucky for us our anatomy changes so much over the years that if the kids think they might remember mom in the buff it won't make sense anyway. :P