February 19, 2010

Dear Daddy pt. 2

Hey Dad. It’s me again. So how is your work?

Well, Mom must have not gotten enough sleep last night because she was grumpy! I don’t understand!


All I did was draw her some people on my wall.


And the floor mat.


And my arms and legs…and mirror and door…


Thanks for leaving your super permanent marker on your nightstand, by the way. It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Then Mom was changing Ian’s diaper, so I decided to make some scrambled eggs. I got a little egg on my hand, but it was okay.


I went and told mom, “I’m making scrambled eggs. Do you want one?”

Well, she freaked out again!


She calmed down when she saw that I put it in the pan all by myself and I even threw the shell in the garbage too. I think she thought I had cracked it onto the counter or something. Come on, what am I? 2? Sheesh. Well, I let her cook it for me so she wouldn’t be mad that I had done it ALL by myself!

Well, after I ate my egg, I had a bowl of cereal with milk! And I kept dripping all over myself, so I took my clothes off. Ahh, that was better. But you know how Mom feels about me being nakkie

DSC_3743 DSC_3744 DSC_3745 DSC_3746

So I got dressed.

DSC_3747 DSC_3748 DSC_3750 DSC_3751

Mom got me dressed too. Twice, but I didn’t like what she picked out. So I took it off…twice. And I changed my underwear…three times. Mom just did laundry, Dad, and so all my favorites were clean again! I couldn’t decide which ones to wear, so I just wore all of them!


Mom said I needed to do something constructive, so we made a construction site with my trucks and some sprinkle noodles!

DSC_3755 DSC_3756

It was really fun and Mom was so proud of me!


But I dumped the sprinkle noodles on the floor in the living room and kitchen and Mommy got grumpy again!


Me and Ian had a dance party in the living room too.


He just wanted to play with his toys after a while though.


We cleaned the bathroom.

DSC_3761 DSC_3765

And while Mom was in there cleaning, I had a letter celebration! For some reason, Mom just shook her head this time.


Then we had dinner.

DSC_3768 DSC_3769 DSC_3770 DSC_3771

I ate my whole dinner! Ian did too

DSC_3772 DSC_3773

And don’t worry, Dad. We finished off those brownies for you.

DSC_3774 DSC_3775

Mom gave me a poster to draw on and look what I did!

DSC_3776 DSC_3779 DSC_3780 DSC_3781

We really miss you.

DSC_3782 DSC_3783 DSC_3784

Well Dad. Mommy says she’s tired. I don’t know what she’s tired for! I’m the one who didn’t take a nap today and whew! I’m beat!

Talk to you tomorrow, okay? We love you.

Ian says “bwa” which means he does too.

Miss you!



Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

Oh my heck Camie, I am so glad that other people's kids are like mine! That was so funny how you put that all together :) My husband is always gone for work, and I am feeling your pain sister!

Roving Vidiot said...

Thanks izacc, I miss you too. I've been working hard and now it's time to come home. so i'll see you soon. be a good boy for your mommy.