February 18, 2010

Dear Daddy, pt. 1

Hey, guys. Izacc here. I want to write a letter to my Dad because he is far away and I miss him a lot. Since he wasn’t here today, Mommy and I took a bunch of pictures to help him feel a little like he was here.

The morning started with some cartoons and some of this


I really like the letter cereal and ate me a whole bunch of it this morning. And afternoon. Okay, I had two bowls for lunch too, okay? I said I like it!

This was a new box this morning…


Mom says it’s a good this cereal is only a dollar, whatever that means…

Okay, so while I was enjoying my lunch of delicious cereal, Mommy and Ian had some of this


Shells and cheese. Blauck! Not for me!!

Oh and did I mention that I finished off all the fruit punch packets for you? Yeah, I just kept filling up my cup and pouring a whole packet in. Mommy didn’t realize I was doing it and when she did, I told her that “when Daddy finds out I drank all his soda he is going to be so proud of me.” Direct quote.

So then Ian and I took a nap. I don’t know what Mommy did while we were sleeping, but I’m sure it was fun because when I woke up, her whole bed was full of piles and piles of folded clothes.


So many that I couldn’t see the TV! I told her to move them.

Then we watched some more cartoons and had some licorice. It was fun, except Mommy kept taking the licorice away from me! So when she was cleaning up Ian’s room, DSC_3703

I took the bag and finished it off!DSC_3706

She didn’t even know! I am so sneaky!!

Well, after that I was hungry for some dinner. So Mommy made me some noodles.


Tuna casserole.


Wait, what? That’s not what she told ME!

Oh well, I ate it anyway.


Covered in Parmesan cheese of course.


Just like yesterday, remember?



Mmmmm…parmesean hot dogs…mmmmm…

Anyway, Ian had noodles too. DSC_3682

But he also had green beans and something else Mommy made. DSC_3690

I do not like green beans! Mommy offered me peas and I said “No that’s just gross!”

Then I decided I hadn’t danced all day! So I told Mommy to turn on Kids Place Live and I danced


and ate


and ate


and danced


Ian enjoyed his dinner, I think


he kept rubbing his nose and making a big mess on his face.


And he’s been drinking out of my cup all day! Mommy tells me that I am a big boy and I don’t need it anymore, but when she’s not looking, I drink out of it too. Shhh! Don’t tell her okay?


So after dinner we loaded the dishwasher


And Ian and I took a bath.


While I finished my bath, Mommy put Ian to bed.


Daddy! Did you know Ian has Spongebob teeth just like me?!

I saw them in the mirror (again) today!

He said “Baa” which means goodnight Daddy, I love you.


I just know it.


Well, then Mommy and me went to my room to clean up. Ian and I played in here today and it was fun.


I beat Mommy putting my toys away! I was so fast!


Then Mommy let me hang up my own shirts!


I’m getting pretty good!




So all my animals are ready for bed


I read Mommy a story about “a Mommy and a Daddy and her went in the dark and a wolf, a very creature come. And her was very, very nice and her carry you and then her made it to your home. Daddy went in the dark and there was a very wild animal. And then he sting Izacc and Daddy carried him home and he was a good Daddy. The end

So, how do you like that story I read?”

It was a good story.


Well Daddy, I’m going to bed now. I will talk to you tomorrow.

I love you and miss you.




The Collard Clan said...

Cute cute!! Kids make any lonely moment better - what would we do without them?! (ps. and I love shells and cheese mmMMMmMmmmm)

Lisa and Jacob said...

That is adorable!!! Love his goodnight story too.

Camie Rae Coles said...

Ha ha, Lisa! That's actually the second version. I asked him to repeat it and he changed what he had said. The first one had some wild animals taking bites out of his mommy and daddy so I'm glad he censored it for me! :)