May 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Oh Thompson.
Six year ago today we were getting ready to become man and wife. Six years ago today I hung out in the basement of that church, by myself, while you took care of EVERYTHING. Six years ago today, I tried to keep it together when I saw my Daddy in a tux. Six years ago today I walked down the aisle and watched YOU try to keep it together. Six years ago today I sang the Spongebob Squarepants theme song in my head while you were saying your vows to TRY and keep it together. Six years ago today I said I do. Six years ago today YOU said I do. Six years ago today I married this handsome, skinny kid who worked at a tv station in Cheyenne whom I had been with for three years.(I had been eating a candy cane, hence the red teeth.)

Today we are learning how to handle TWO kids. Today I hung out at my parent's house, with our boys, while you drove 6 hours to get here after working all weekend to try and make some extra money to take care of EVERYTHING. Today I tried to keep it together when both babies had poopy diapers at the same time. Today I wondered why I was so worried about keeping it together. Today I wondered how we ever got along WITHOUT these two kids. Today I STILL say I do. Today YOU still make me happier than I've ever been. Today I'm married to this handsome NORMAL (sized) man who works at a tv station in Riverton, with whom I've now been with for NINE years.

Yikes. A lot changes, but a lot stays the same. I am still just as crazy about you as I was six years ago, even nine years ago. I could go on and on, but basically everything I want to say I already said here. So here's to us and our amazing nine years together, our amazing six years of marriage, our amazing two boys, and our amazing life. I look forward to seeing how this all plays out along with you. It's been, well, amazing so far. Here's to us, baby. I love you.


Roving Vidiot said...

you always seem to write these amazing blogs when I am out of town with work. so either i should leave town more often, or i'm out of town too much. remembering that day is both a blurry and amazing memory. the day passed so fast that i need your help remembering the details. I am married to the most amazing woman, who really is the one who takes care of everything. you've brought 2 wonderful children into this world, all the while crafting our new home from a old lady's hideout to a warm inviting home. I will keep running around "pretending" to take care of everything as long as you keep really taking care of it. I am reminded everyday how lucky I am to have you, and the excitement I felt to to marry you is the same excitement I fell every day i wake up next to you. I love you

Teddy said...

Here's to another beautiful year for your family. Oh, and keeping it all together? Highly overrated.