May 20, 2009

3 Weeks, Baby!

Sweet baby Ian,
you're three weeks old today! My goodness it has gone so fast! I can't even believe it.
You were born so beautiful. Your hair was almost black and your eyes were a color like I've never seen before. They were a dark silvery color with a brown ring ar
ound your pupil. Your arms and legs were so long, as well as you fingers and toes. In fact, the nurse that took your footprint couldn't even get your foot to fit on the ink pad and the print itself was so long that it extended up into the wording of your birth certificate.
You have the cutest little "old man" wrinkles on your forehead and every time you look up or are upset, they show.
You have the same little birthmark that your brother did, right between the eyes. (I think you get that from daddy's side because your cousin had it too...)You have been sneezing since the hour you were born. Sheesh! So many sneezes. And you do that cute thing where you almost sneeze and then don't but still make a "ahhh" sound.

You lost your umbilical cord stumpy thing on Monday, the 18th and Izacc was so excited that
you could now take a bath with him...or so he thought.You have started to make lots of cooing noises and I just love your little voice.

You have taken to nursing like a champ, though it has taken a lot of work to get you there. You were born with ankyloglossia also known as being "tongue tied" and the Dr didn't think you needed any surgery because he said your tongue would grow out and be fine. But then we started having problems nursing and you wouldn't take a binky and had a really hard time with a bottle. So we talked to the Dr again and we decided it would be best to get it clipped. You are scheduled for surgery on June 1st in Casper and hopefully all of our "issues" will be resolved. Let's hope you'll be able to latch on better and get a full tummy in one sitting instead of nursing all day long. You are so loved and we are so so happy to have you here. Izacc adores you and can't wait to really play with you. (For now, he's totally content just to nap with you.) Thanks for being such a good baby and bringing so much love into our home and hearts.

All my love, Mommy

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