February 14, 2009

To My Sweetie

Happy Valentine's Day, Thompson. I love you so much. Today marks our ninth Valentine's Day. Nine years. I am sitting here thinking that this will be the first one we will spend apart and it makes me sad. So sad. I am very sorry that we can't be together and I was thinking back at our past nine years and remembering all the amazing days we have spent together. I'm not sure why Valentine's Day is even cause for anything special because I have loved you every day of every year that has passed us, but for some reason, these single days stick out in my mind. For example:
the time I made you think I was in Riverton but really I was making you lasagna in your apartment in Cheyenne and I cut my finger and had to get stitches and you thought I had driven the four hours just to check with you before I went to the hospital.
the time I was in beauty school and obsessed with those stupid kiss kiss bears, and you got me some and we made lasagna *again* and you scared the CRAP out of me by saying, "Don't scream, but look behind you..."
the time I broke into your work and decorated your office and we went to Ft Collins and had to wait for three hours to get a table at Olive Garden because for some strange reason, we didn't think we would need a reservation
the time we were all but packed to move and I came home to find you had covered all the boxes up with tablecloths and had candles and a (you guessed it) lasagna in the oven and a movie waiting for me.
the time I had my second surgery on my mouth and I was frantically trying to finish the bridesmaid dresses for Brandi's wedding and the house looked like a bridal shop threw up all over our dinning room table.
that time when I was pregnant with Izacc and I didn't get home from work until late, and you had dinner waiting for me, even though it was really too late to be eating anything.
the bittersweet day we went to Riverton to look for a place to live and found NOTHING and we stayed in a hotel and planned out new life in a new town.
when we, as a family, went out at 5 pm to avoid the dinner rush, with a reservation this time, only to find we were the ONLY people who ate that early and we came home and had some darn good brownies and put the baby to bed early.

I am so grateful for all the time we've had and for all the time we have to come. I am grateful and proud to be the mother of your children. I can't wait for our new addition and out next exciting adventure to begin. I am honored that you chose me to be at your side for always and hope that I make you happy. I hope you know that there is no one else I could ever imagine growing old with, raising a family with, sharing my secrets and fears with, and am so excited for whatever the future holds for us. I know that it will never be boring and most likely won't even be in the same place :) but whatever is in store, I look forward to facing it with you. I can't imagine my life without you in it. Through our past happiness and pain, the bad times as well as the good, you have been there for me and I am so grateful for that. I only hope I have returned the favor, and promise to do so forever. I know I am not anywhere near perfect and I can't say that I ever will be. I try my best to do all I can to make you happy. I will always be here. And I love you. And I miss you.
Happy Valentine's Day.

We need to take more picture of just us. They are pretty few and far between...


Roving Vidiot said...

thanks baby... i'm driving at 80 reading your blog'. i love you sooooo much. and i don't know what i would do if i didn't have you. and best of all who would remember that we always have lasagna.. i call it the food of love...anyway having you by my side has made me who i am. without your support, love, and honesty i wouldn't have been successful at anything... i have to get my attention to driving, but i love and adore you. and i miss you very much.

Tara Ann said...

Okay... I came to leave a comment because Cami had me in tears... but reading Thom's reply... you two have just sent me over the edge - in a good way. I'm so glad that you two are so happy! And Thom, you must be right, lasagna was always our go to food of love too :)

Okay,Cami, so what I was originally going to say before your husband turned me into a ball of mush... "and you thought I had driven the four hours just to check with you before I went to the hospital" Isn't it so like a boy to think this was the case? ;)

Seriously though, congrats on making it all these years and for still making it feel as fresh as the day you two first got together!