December 22, 2008

Pink Christmas

Living in the armpit of the West, it's kind of hard to find cute stuff. I have been wanting to have a pink Christmas tree for a couple years now and have been saving ornaments and lights whenever I found them. But do you think I could EVER find a pink pink tree skirt? Yeah no. So I made one.I know it's a little off, but I didn't have a pattern. So, oh well. I like it.

Izacc and I decorated it, he is a great helper!

And here it is! My cute cute Christmas tree! Have you ever seen a more perfect pink tree? It was hard to find, but we got it done. And I love it!


Teddy said...

Very cute! My Mom did a pink tree for a long time. It was my first tree in college too. How fun!

Tara Ann said...

You are too funny! I saw a tree skirt the other day here in town... I should run in and see if it's still there... it's pink with chocolate brown poke-a-dots! I was thinking about picking it up for myself to match my pig ornaments... but maybe I could find a second one... stay tuned... ;)

NICKI said...

Too cute! If you ever have a girl I am certain that she will look like a pepto bismal bottle! Hey, that would be a good halloween costume come to think of it! But only a pink freak could pull it off.

Teddy said...

Hey Camie, my blog went private, but if you want to keep reading, shoot me and e-mail and I'll add you.