October 7, 2011

Friday Confessional: Crap and Stuff


HI!  It's me again!  I missed last week so it'd been building up inside me and I gotta get it all out!!  Ha ha I kid, but really, I'm glad it's Friday!  Let's get a move on here.

I confess...

  • I'd seriously like to go to bed and sleep for a week.
  • I don't know what's wrong with me lately.
  • I am SO tired.
  • Lame sauce.
  • I am a tad behind on my housework.
  • I just have no motivation and don't wanna do it!
  • And also, Netflix is ruining my life basically.
  • Instant gratification.
  • I only watch while I'm feeding the baby...
  • But as you may know, she eats a lot.
  • Hence, I've seen a lot of shows lately.
  • And changing a lot of diapers.
  • Holy crap.
  • Literally.
  • Amelia has become pro at ruining outfits.
  • Yesterday she wore 3.
  • I think it's time to go up a diaper size.
  • The blowouts are killing me.
  • And speaking of killing me, have you seen her smile lately?
  • And those thighs?!
  • She kills me she's so cute.
  • And I bought some tights for her.
  • And she looks adorable in them.
  • Tights, people.  TINY BABY TIGHTS!!
  • I love having a girl.
  • LOVE.
  • We had a girls night last night.
  • Me and Mia and my bestie went shopping last night for a couple hours.
  • It was a blast.
  • I didn't even buy anything.
  • We just hung out and laughed and talked.
  • And looked at clothes.
  • Ahhh I needed that for sure.
  • Girl time is the best.
  • And having a good friend is the best too!!
  • I love her.
  • And her.
  • Ha ha
  • I also made a giant batch of cookies this week.
  • I am on the PTO at my son's school.
  • I am doing little thank yous for the teachers and staff.
  • I made 145 chocolate chip cookies.
  • And packaged them.
  • And I really want to take a nap.
  • Ah well.
  • I'll sleep when I'm dead, right?
  • Well, I gotta go change one of those awesome diapers.
  • Seriously, how much can one child poop in 24 hrs?!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Sounds like you deserve some sleep. Those baby pictures are killing me too--she is so beyond cute!

Hope you're able to get rejuvenated. Netflix sucks my time too!

Sarita said...

I love girls' clothes! Tights on any age is great!

sarajo said...

Two words, cloth diapers! For real! I haven't had many blow outs as I have in the past when I was using Pampers.

Oh, a GNO sounds like fun! I need one of those. Soon.

I love your pics! Makes me pine for another little girl She is too cute!

becca said...

how cute are those tights and yay for a girls night out

Mamarazzi said...

baby tights, cutest. thing. ever!

your little girl is darling. seriously so so so so so CUTE!

sorry i am so sloooow getting here, we took off for the weekend and i was without internet. thanks for linking up!