October 20, 2011

Did you know?

I've been a tad distant these past couple weeks and I apologize.  I know that my plethora of readers have been horribly distraught in my absence, but never fear dear friends, for I am back.  And with me I have brought a bit of knowledge, factoids if you will, that I have learned over the last little while and I feel compelled to share.  For example...

Did you know that salsa can go rancid?  And by rancid I mean you open the jar and it makes a hissing sound, much like when you open a soda?  And it smells like beer?  
Did you know that when you mix said salsa in with your chili it makes the chili taste much like beer smells?  (Having never consumed beer myself, I am forced to only assume here.)
Did you know that all the Angry Birds stickers in the world cannot make a little boy want to poop in the potty?
Did you know that it is possible for a 5 year old brain to change what it wants to be for Halloween approx. 475 times in less than a week?
Did you know that it's possible that I might have the cutest kids in the entire world living in my house?
Did you know that one of them suffers from what I like to call the night terrors, where he cries out in the night and by the time we get to him he is already back to sleep?  OR he will just climb in bed with us?  
Did you know that if said child is on his way to our bed in sleepwalking fashion and not fully aware of his surroundings, that any move made by someone of which is not his mother can cause the child to scream and cry so loud it makes the other two wake up and cry as well?
Did you know that 5 o'clock in the morning is not my favorite time to hear all 3 kids screaming?
Did you know a king sized bed can and will hold 5 bodies at a time? 
Did you know that when a baby starts having a lot of blowouts that it may be time to go up a diaper size?
Did you know that when you go up a diaper size and the baby continues to poop all over herself there's not a whole lot you can do except learn to listen well and move quickly?
Did you know that this very baby has been changing outfits 2-3 times a day?
Did you know that laundry has a whole new meaning when everything you're washing has some form of baby excretion on it?
Did you know that even though she's a puking pooping machine, she is the most adorable thing I've ever seen?

Did you know that having a daughter is basically like having a life-sized doll that you get to dress and accessorize and just have fun with?
Did you know that even boots are cuter when they're tiny?
Did you know that some people do not like double stuf Oreos?!
Did you know that sometimes bad things happen to good people?
Did you know that it's kinda frustrating being powerless in a situation and relying only on faith and the knowledge that someday we'll know?
Did you know that I have a pretty big list of questions for the Big Guy when I get up there?
Did you know that my husband is a pretty super guy?
Did you know he had a birthday?
Did you know it is possible to make frosting the exact color of nasty?

Did you know I can make a pretty mean Angry Birds Pig cake?

Did you know that my hubby can take approx. 475 pictures in the course of 30 minutes?

No really, do you know how amazing my baby girl is?
Did you know that Izacc has become quite the lady's man?
Did you know he got his first love note?

Did you know he told me he's in love with someone else?
Did you know her name is Audrey?

Did you know that this is all after he and Dawn broke up?
Did you know he was close to tears when I picked him up from school and told me that he didn't have anyone to marry?
Did you know that the very next day he found a new friend?

Did you know he absolutely cracks me up each and every day?
Did you know I have a pretty fantastic life?
Did you know I've got some amazing friends?
Did you know I am really the luckiest girl in the world?

So there you go.  A few things I've learned that may or may not come in handy in your everyday life.
You're welcome.

Have a wonderful day.



tommy5c said...

Did you know that you told me to take lots of pictures?
Did you know that I always do the job i'm ask to do?
Did you know that salsa tasted worse than death?
Did you know that reading 100 questions causes anxiety?
Did you know that you are the reason we have beautiful children?
Did you know ..... mmm I ran out...ooo
Did you know that to a two year old I look like a giant spider at night, causing him to let out aforementioned scream in a hotel room at 5am?

ok i'm done, I love you my beautiful wife. and i will consider the comment about the 475 pictures a complement on a job well done.

Unknown said...

Did you know that your hubby is pretty dang hilarious?
Did you know that I love you to forever?
Just checkin'.

{leah} said...

Thank you!!!! I feel like my life is complete! Yes, your babies are super cute. Yes.. I actually did know about the whoel night terrors and screaming thing.

I did not know howerve about the salsa, and I think you may have saved our lives... from tasting beer, and death.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great post! I loved the pictures. And I can't fathom ANYONE not liking double-stuffed OREOS. Also, I've done additional testing and have found that a King sized bed can actually fit six bodies, though usually one of them gets kicked in the head.

Sending a prayer for your bad sleeper.