October 14, 2009

Thom's Birthday

Our Daddy turned 31 yesterday. How could we make it a fun day for him? We thought and thought and here's what we came up with.

First we bought a bunch of balloons.

Then we made a super cute poster with some sentimental garbage and Izacc and Ian's hand and foot prints. That's a whole other story all on it's own. Yeah...

Then we decorated the house up all nice and pretty.

Then we took said balloons and poster and cupcakes to Daddy's work to surprise him.

This is me trying to get Izacc to be cute. I said "Look at me and smile!" This is what I got.

So again I said "Honey, look at me!" Again, here's what I got.

"Izacc! Look at my camera!" Nice, eh?

Here we are at Daddy's work. I swear I'm wearing make-up, even thought it looks like I'm totally not.

So we took Daddy to a nice dinner and came home and opened presents. It was very exciting.

Then we had yummy lion birthday cake and some ice cream.

As you can tell, it was a fabulous day.
Happy Birthday, Daddy! We sure love you!!


Eileen Izatt Burton said...

Happy belated birthday to that cute Thom and what the heck? is that kid sitting up alone??? Oh my gosh, it must be time for another one cuz you sure missed this one being a baby.
Love you guys!

The Collard Clan said...

31!! Sheesh - he's getting up there. (JK). My hubby turns 32 tomorrow- I'm not nearly as creative as you. You ROCK! Looks like it was a fun day - I love the picture of Izacc when he gave you the evil glare. Pictures say 1000 words! :-)

Tara Ann said...

What a fun day! You are always doing so much... you're hard to keep up with :) The smile on your hubby's face is priceless - you can tell he really appreciated all your efforts :)