October 18, 2008


Thanks Brookie! This was fun! And kinda funny! Sorry it took so long to post...


Where did you meet?
We met at good ol' Central Wyoming College. He chased me for a long time before I gave him a chance. He actually kinda scared me when we first met because he wore a black leather jacket and was very, um, intimidating. He was exactly the kind of boy my mom told me to stay away from!!

How long did you date before you were married?
Ha ha, well, we dated practically forever before we tied the old knot. We dated for about three and a half years. (I had to make sure I knew what I was doing!) It was a really LONG engagement and I don't recommend it. It was really, really, really difficult, if you ca
tch my drift.

How long have you been married?
We have been married about five and a half years.

What does he do that surprises you?
Oh nothing he does surprises me anymore! I've come to expect his uniqueness! No, I kid. Um, he's pretty sweet and it always surprises me the way he is so super patient with me or Izacc. I don't feel so great these days, you know, stupid morning sickness, and he is so patient and will make me whatever I'm feeling like or get me some ice when it's midnight.

What is your favorite feature of his?
I don't know where to start! He's got a killer smile and his eyes are very, um, nice. And his hands are definitely "daddy" hands, very big and strong. Plus he's got a pretty cute caboose too! :)

What is your favorite quality of his?
You know, that's a hard one too. I really love the way he is so tolerant and kind, especially with my family. He was "thrown" into this giant group of people and took it all in stride. I know it can be hard sometimes! :) But he always plays along and shrugs things off and it really means a lot to me that he keeps the peace.Well, most of the time...

Does he have a Nickname for you?
Um, he calls me Luv a lot and baby. Do those count?

What is his favorite color?
Well, now that's hard to say, it depends on what we're talking about. Probably in general, black. But not necessarily for clothing, he prefers blues and browns there. ANYTHING BUT RED!!! Yikes. Don't even ask, I don't know, just NOT RED!!!!

What is his favorite food?
Again, with the tricky questions. Sheesh, he has a lot of favorites. He really likes to cook and experiment with different things, which I will admit, is not my favorite. But I would have to say he's a steak and potatoes kind of fella, or Chinese Food.

What is his favorite sport?
Yeah, probably soccer...not to play, just watch.Oh and he like to play Battleship, um, too...does that count as a sport?

When and where was your first kiss?
On his couch in his apartment at college. It was a trap I tell you! I had just started thinking about Thom and how I thought I maybe liked him and how I always seem to have these stupid little crushes that never really amount to much. Anyway, so we were at a dance and I was thinking ' do I like this guy? Does he even like me?' etc. ANYWAY I danced with his roommate and he was talking to me and he said "I have an idea! Let's have a movie night!" So he danced me over to where Thom was standing and he said "Can we have a movie night tonight after the dance? Please? Please?" And Thom was alright with it. So I was supposed to bring my roommate with me, who didn't want to go. Well, to complicate things I was supposed to go to Laramie with a friend of mine that night to go on a sort of blind date...he was trying to set me up with his friend that I had met...anyway, I bailed on him to go over to Thom's. When I got there, it was me and Thom and his roommate. And as I walked in, his roommate was all "Oh I just remembered I have to go over to do something" whatever he said and he left. So it was just me and Thom...and then he kissed me. He swears to this day that he had NOTHING to do with that, but it all seems a little TOO convenient, eh?

Favorite thing to do as a couple?
When we were living in Cheyenne, we used to go to Barns and Noble and get a couple Italian sodas and a baked treat from Starbucks and sit there for hours reading and talking. That was a fun little tradition we had. Now, any time that we get together is fantastic. We don't have real tv, just PBS, so we watch a lot of movies and just chill at the house.

Do you have any children?
Yes, we have Izacc who is 2 and a baby in my tummy who is about 4 months along...

Does he have a hidden talent?
Ha ha ha does he ever! He can sing. I know he will kill me for even suggesting such a thing, but he has a voice on him, that one. He swears up and down that he CAN NOT and will not and blah da blah, but I have heard him when he thinks I am not around and he is quite good, actually.

How old is he?
He just turned the big 3-0 on October 13!!

Who said I love you first?
It was totally him! HA! I made sure of that. When we first started dating him, I overheard him talking about how some people rush into things and that he had rules and crap, like never say I love you for at six months to a year, and a bunch of other crap that I think he was just bitter from some previous little lady who broke his heart. Anyway, we dated like 2 months and he came over to my place after playing paint ball all day. Wait, let me explain. I was, well, it was that time of the month anyway and I was crampy and crabby and just all in all in a bad old mood. I was watching Selena and he came over and sat down in front of me on the floor. It was a lovey dovey part of the movie and I said some cynical remark about how love is a bunch of crap or something and he laughed and looked at me and said "I love you" and kissed me. I didn't say anything! Not a word! So he left, said he had to go shower and I started crying! I couldn't believe it. So the next day he said it again and I said it back, but he will tell you that I really crushed him by not saying anything and if I hadn't said it the next time he did, that was it, we were through! Ha, he's funny.

What is his favorite type of music?
Um, probably rock. I'm pretty sure back in the day he listened to hair bands and butt rock, and he can still name the songs when they come on the radio, but he's mellowed out a little.

What do you admire most about him?
I admire the way that he can speak his mind. He can get into trouble a lot, mostly with me, but he doesn't care about sugarcoating it and it seems to get him far at work and when I need someone to yell at an annoying person on the phone. I wish I could be more assertive.

Do you think he will read this?

Maybe, if I show him where it is...

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