June 10, 2009

Little April Rose Issue

There is an article all about it here.

I follow a few blogs. It's kind of an addiction really. I like to see how other moms do things and I like to get ideas for activities and dinners and whatever else I can find. It's kind of fun. I LOVE Jennifer's blog, aka MckMama, and have been following it for quite a while. Back in February I was lead to Angie's blog, Bring the Rain. I seriously spent the whole of two days reading her story from the beginning and crying and wanting to get to know this loving, sweet lady. I was pregnant at the time, which made it ten times worse because I could relate to a lot of what she talked about, and yet my heart went out to her because of what she had to bear. I cannot imagine knowing the child you were carrying was not going to be yours for long and would return to Heavenly Father. So I started reading more blogs about similar situations and mothers whoes babies had been diagnosed in the womb with a terminal disease and the mothers chose to carry baby for as long as they could. It was touching and thought-inducing and I cried a lot.

There was a blog about a woman who was pregnant with a baby, April Rose, that was diagnosed with full trisonomy 13, among other things. Docs told her to terminate early - she refused, wanted to put it in God's hands. She had thousands upon thousands of readers. She was always talking about her Christian faith and love of God. She had t shirts made for the cause and people bought them to wear proudly, all proceeds I assume going to April Rose. There were addresses for donations and gift cards, gifts, whatever else. Very sad stuff, her feelings all along were heartbreaking. Fast forward to a could days ago. April Rose was finally born, being 41 weeks, and was only 4lbs. Updates went on for about a day, but the details were a bit sketchy. Things weren't adding up. People began questioning her and leaving comments, some quite nasty. Then there were posts about her heart rate declining and her breathing slowing. A pic was posted of April, then removed. A letter from the baby daddy was posted saying things about how they are hurt that so many people would be so rude and blah blah. Then the whole blog disappeared.

So come to find out it was all a hoax. Beccah Rose Beushausen, the "mom" made it all up in a shady way of getting people to send her money and whatever else, perhaps maybe she just needed attention. I guess that she had a website for her art that has since disappeared, as well as her twitter, facebook and myspace accts. The picture she posted that was supposidly April Rose was actually a doll. There are a few blogs that explain a lot more of the details here and here and here.

It just breaks my heart. I read her story and felt for her. But what really makes me upset is the fact that there are actually women who experience this kind heartache like Angie and Raechel and she preyed on that to earn their comorodary and trust and then exploited it. Not to mention all the people who prayed for her and sent donations and kind gifts. She had us all fooled and it makes me so incredibly sad that this all went down. I actually feel really bad for this lady, she is obviously in need of some mental help and I hope that she is able to get the real help she needs.

I guess it just goes to show that you can't always believe what you read. We need to be careful who we trust. I feel really bad for those people who sent prayers her way and now feel hurt, maybe even a little embarrassed that they were mislead. I think that perhaps this lady needed those prayers more than we know and for different reasons.


Hilton said...

Dropped in for a tour. Fab picture if Isaac.

Melissa said...

I to have been sucked in by blogs like that. It's sad and inspiring all in one to me. And that's is just terrible about April Rose. That lady must have some serious issues.
Thanks for stopping by my photo blog. I suggest that they are about 2 weeks old or younger. :)