March 16, 2009

Song Tag

I saw this and couldn't resist. Okay, so I'm bored. Anyway, I thought it was kind of fun....

Do you know what the #1 song was the day that you were born?

The #1 song the day I was born was "Woman In Love" by Barbra Streisand.
The #1 song the day I was baptized was "Groovy Kind Of Love" by Phil Collins
The #1 song the day I graduated high school was "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin
The #1 song the day I graduated college was "All for You" by Janet
The #1 song he day I got engaged was "Foolish" by Ashanti
The #1 song the day I got married was "Get Busy" by Sean Paul
The #1 song the day I had Izacc was "London Bridge" by Fergie
The #1 song around the day I was conceived was "Rock with You" by Michael Jackson

Now it's your turn...give it a is the link...just for fun:


Tara Ann said...

Those are great! And a few were even kind of funny... like the day you conceived the latest... ;)

What a fun way to pass the time!

NICKI said...

Thanks, Bryce will love this!