September 26, 2008

Oh Izacc

My son Izacc, pretty much the funniest person I know. He is really starting to pick up a lot of words, and trust me, he and I are both grateful for that. His cute little personality is really starting to show through and his imagination is really coming into it's own. He was cracking me up today. He found a box and began to run, full speed through the house with said box on his head. I don't know how he could even see, and after a second it became obvious that he couldn't because he ran smack into a wall.
"Wipeout" he said, and I laughed. Being the funny child he is, he proceeded to replay his little stunt, running into walls and chairs and the tv, yelling "oohhh" or "wipeout" with each hit. But the thing that was cracking me up is the fact that he was saying something that resembled "yeah bub... zer bop... zer bub" in a monotone, raspy voice. I asked him what it was he was saying and he said it again, monotone and growly, "ZER BUP" After several attempts of possible words, I asked him if he was a robot. He screamed "YEAH!! ZER BOP!" So, either that is his way of saying robot, or it is his interpretation of how robots speak. Either way, you gotta love this kid!


Brooke said...

Holy Crap! Can I say that? Isacc is too stinking cute. I can't handle it. How are you feeling?

Eileen said...

Oh Cam, it is so much fun watching you be a mom and knowing you're so good at it. I guess you know that now that Brooke is blogging and I have to check it every ten minutes to see if my kids have changed, I will also be following you closely. Just know I love you dearly and so glad the new one is on the way.

Tara Ann said...

Oh my Cami... you are going to have your hands full for a while aren't you? How adorable is he!